The process about which we were just mentioning is actually only the beginning of the process. While bathing there was a vision of how what we perceive as the world is actually a reflection off of a very dense and very cold particle. Now, this will run counter to understandings of physical theory as is currently manifest. Extremely dense particles, such as the supposed Higgs Boson occur only at extremely high temperatures created by fiery collisions inside accelerators. Particle accelerators such as that at Geneva. The important word here is fiery. There are other more important manifestations of energy other than fiery in particle formation, such as the type of energy found in charge, color, or magnetic field. The manifestations of energy are only beginning to be understood as the senses are somewhat limited in this regard. The actual particles, the dark particles as it were, are extremely cold, colder than any particle, such as super cooled crystalline helium. We are unable to discuss this as of yet, so let us discuss something z was pondering earlier.

We are indeed a partnership, but we always have been. The supposed miraculous view was more the posturing of ego, the day was ordinary for all practical purposes Although we would like to discuss in detail the makings of reality, let us focus on say, the Seth material which we have read many times over many years together. Clearly for anyone who has ever read Seth, there is great and deep validity to his work, yet, in some ways the information is difficult to use, and sometimes very difficult to believe. Most importantly, it came through the pen of Jane herself, and the only words that could be formed are via words that Jane could form. Concepts she lacked had to be bridged.

Now we are envisioning some sort of Jungian archetypal library existing within the visualizing portion of our mind. The type of channeling could be very powerful indeed, however z is not entirely in tune with the visual processes.

Mostly the channeling journey is just beginning. More and more will channel, and as difficult as it may be, we should exude ourself onto the internet. Not so much for the negative attention or negative lack attention we may or may not draw, but rather for that one or two or maybe more individuals that we would not otherwise reach. The channeling process is waiting to be born.

Recently in a discussion with our parents we discussed a story, so let us retell it here best we can.

Once upon a time, in a San Francisco far far away, we had a crush on a very handsome man. He was of mixed origin, tall, dark, curly haired, handsome, and very likeable. We were disappointed by seeming barriers between us and were confused by the relationship of his roommate Brad. We eventually learned that the handsome man liked Brad, because Brad worshiped him and would not leave. Quite the opposite. Brad owned the beautiful newer home, which is quite rare in San Francisco, and our handsome man, who we shall call Mark, lived. We had some odd experiences over a year or two. Meth fueled trysts. Meth fueled laundry folding exercises. Meth fueled insanity, for the most part.

We hadn’t heard or seen Mark and Brad in a long time, but one day, now in our mind, we find ourselves standing in their kitchen aghast and a’gasped. Mark was wildly spraying for cockroaches in some meth fueled bug frenzy. They were crawling over everywhere, but the fumes were even more toxic. Mark didn’t get it, he said. He keeps spraying, but the bugs keep coming.

“They will always come,” we said, “because the source is here.” The source was a week’s worth of rotting garbage and filthy dishes piled up in a way any heavy meth user would instantly and knowingly understand. “As long as there is food,” we said, “the cockroaches will crawl over each other’s insecticided bodies to get to the food. Nothing, not even these toxins will stop them.”

This analogy, we told our parents, suffices for explaining the drug craze in America. The many crazes that is. We are looking to fill that void, as the saying goes, and nothing will fill it. Drugs come close. For a brief while their ecstatic intensity, or mind-numbing effects, can mask the cold horror that seems to lie within. Drugs will go away if enough drugacide is sprayed, but the drug addict will crawl over each others’ bodies, even in prison, to get to that source of white powder or green leaf or fermented beverage, at any and all costs, because the drive to fill that void is unstoppable in the addict’s mindset. Can we blame cockroaches for going for food? That is what they do.

In this case, the food source is eternal and omnipresent. It is the very void that drives the formation of all created reality. It will not go away. Nothing can mask it forever, not drugs, not policemen, not prisons. It will drive men to insanity. An antidote must be found, and we do not want to use the c word, but that is the answer.

The answer is that the world’s problems outside us are actually problems within us. The formation of heaven and hell start within, only after some reflection do the interior constructs find themselves in the supposed outside world, where they wreak pleasure or havoc respectively.

Regardless of the few we touch, it is time to spread the word.

Somehow, together, we have a purpose and mission in life. We are to chronicle our own experience and to show that whatever this is that we are doing can be done. We are not here to impress the mathematicians and scientists, but, in time we might. Or might not. Who cares.

This is our experience. It is not about some external fame or glory, but instead is about internal peace, serenity, self-respect, self-conscience and growth. This is an inside job and the best we can hope for is that some lost soul like ourself will find a way out of their external darkness by finding the internal light within. In time our message will be bright and clear. In the meantime, we must light our own path and clear our own way. Amen!