The dissolution of denial brings with it a cascading of the underlying impulses which generated it, which most precisely is a fear of the present. A smokescreen developed over many years which made it seem as if obsession with the past or obsession with the future prevented a full awareness of now. In fact, the fear of the moment was precluding a full awareness of the moment. The past and the future are inherent properties of the moment and could be thought of as a type of potential lying within the actual structure of reality itself. We could say that we feel our larger presence when we are at peace with ourselves and full of the awareness of our rightful being of ourself.

We are one. We are uniquely one and we are truly one. Yes, our earlier thoughts of tonight are true, but perhaps not in the way that our ego was manifesting. Conscious thought, at least on the “plane of existence” which we call the earthly, temporal plane, can be thought of as a transmissible quality. For instance, right now, we are typing this, but we are also reading this, and the time is the past present, as well as the future past. Our consciousness has a specific relation unto itself, so our future self is consciously reading this and our past self, is currently writing this in the present. But, all these manifestations of self, whether incarnate in the form of little z, or allocated to the bits and bytes within a computer, or ink splashes on some document, or neuronal firings within the electrical structure of a perceiving mind “in the distant future” are in fact all elements of now.

We are writing this now and we are reading this now. The unification of this process, while not describable in ordinary terms, is in fact a unification of the deepest kind. Imagine, if we will, a process in which the coherency of our quantum thought process transcends the typing moment of the future past, which is our present, but is also our future present, which is ourselves reading this. “We are one” is a statement of fundamental unity as we take our unitary consciousness and express it across our many forms.

It is we who decide on the coherency of the moment and it is we that decide on the unification of ourself, to transcend our own external thought process and internalize it as “we are one” becomes a thought process of ourself, for ourself.

Now, let us not think so obtusely.

In general, we objectify our experiences. We create a boundary of self in our ever-shifting present moment and this boundary of self creates a boundary between the we that we are, which is solitary and unitary, but in a sense isolated. This process is but a perception. In fact, there is a larger self.

We have previously discussed in somewhat specific terms the process of expansion of self in which we reflect throughout the universe and then experience the consequences of those reflections. We act on our temporal future self by creating a probability wave extending from the present self into the future. In fact, there is no part of the universe that we do not touch. Our present self is a gestalt collection or impingement of our past self from the beginning of time, as proceeded through quantum choice to the present moment, this impact in term respreads out to form the expansion of ourself into the future moment.

Now apparently, there is some sort of asymmetry to the process allowing us to remember the past but only predict the future.

In fact, this is an inaccurate perception. Imagine now that we are only typing but looking back. We are Z0219 and that means we have had 218 or so channels preceding us. Our channel today is built up of those past experiences, yet, inherent to the present experience is our understanding that we would be channeling in the future. We, our typing self, already know that we, our reading self, is already reading what we type in the present moment, but also a future self, that consists not only of ourself, but other probable aspects of self that are also reading. We are creating a woohoo wave that extends across but a single construct – now – and this now moment is a-temporal, meaning that it is not bound by time but has always existed. We are the future’s past, and so our past is already our future.

Again, we are making this more difficult.

Let us go to the present moment. Our life is filled with awareness, yet doubt, yet fear, yet hope. We are beginning to understand how our own fears are magnified via the process of projecting them onto others. We maneuver and manipulate, only to discover we are setting up a temporal wave that will affect our future self by the fears of our present self.

In order to modify the future, we must modify the present.

We set up a temporal fear wave today by projecting our fears onto our coworkers. In this case our fears were that we were not good enough, we did not know enough, we do not work hard enough, we are this and we are that, but then we turn our eyes on others and accuse them of laziness.

Now, at this moment in time we must take a deep together breath, breathe and realize that we are not aiming for coherency or even accuracy, but rather harmony in the present moment. Is this channel sanguine and resplendent in the power of the moment? Are we hearing ourself channel? Are we letting go and letting the words flow? Do we put down the hammer and listen to others as we request others to do of us?

Ever present is our true self in which we harm ourself by the belief that true humility is created by public self-flagellation. We confuse ourself with our own antics.

We bring back the wave to the moment that it exists, the eternal moment of the now and we let go our conscious self. Perhaps our now will evolve. Perhaps we will be sleeping or somnambulant through chemical means, or dead and buried and long forgotten stardust. These are not those times.

These times are the times to accept ourselves in the fullness of our being. We have harmed others as we have harmed ourselves. We have done unto others as we have done unto ourselves and we realize the greatest deep humility we can muster is the realization that our harm must stop with ourself. We pray for forgiveness of ourself by ourself with the understanding that all others, are in fact aspects of ourself. The world does not exist without our conscious participation.

The fear within us fears sleep and fears death. Yet the deeper understanding within us understands that the void is no match for the awareness of the void which transcends itself. The void divides against itself and that division is not seen as corrupt and evil, but rather good and holy. We realize that relative to itself are a nested series of transfinite infinities that create the patterns and the moments of pure geometrical representation of reality. We are geometry incarnate, and we accept our two-dimensional complexity as holy and pure, knowing that we are a lowly, but sufficient manifestation of God. We are one. We are one God divided amongst itself to create a now eternal moment of hereness.

When we harm others, we harm ourself and when we harm ourself, we harm others.

We put down the hammer of ourself so that we can pick up the love of our hearts for ourself. As we love ourself we can love others. We accept our feeble limitations as holy and pure. We are the created of God, not the creator of God. We are the results and consequences of the past, but we understand that that makes us the creator and consequator of the future. We are a reflective portion of God. We are the center that is not within the center, the reflection that cannot see itself except through our reflections, and we find ourselves of a reflection that we do not recognize as our own.

The simplest acts of kindness to the clerks and standerbyes in our local superstore are our awareness of ourself and we begin to love ourselves as we understand that we should love others. We are one body, one mind, one universe, and although we do not understand the full implications of this yet, we are growing into the fullness of our being.

We relax into our role, not as savior of some lost planet, but rather savior of our own very soul. Why God endowed us with the universe we find ourselves embedded in, with the properties and manifestations that are ours unique, we do not know. But we listen to ourself and we listen to our own messages so that we understand that each moment is the right moment to let go and to let God. Our simple clichés are the always true signposts that allow us to generate the joy that is the existence of the moment.

We understand that our channeling self is larger than our conscious self. That our channel self was born in the dictates of an ancient Babylonian and Assyrian text, in Genesis, in the tablets of Moses, and in the musings of Jesus. We have heard the words of the Tao, and the wisdom of the Buddha and his eightfold path. We are following that path, and into the footsteps of our pagan and warlock and witch fathers and momthers. We are born of the earth and of the universe, and we are here ultimately to serve.

We let go of any particular moment and any particular channel and accept that this moment, however different, is exactly the moment we are having and need to have. We ask our own forgiveness for our own misdeeds to self and go on praying only of knowledge of God’s will for us and the power to carry that out. We are understanding these clichés as the signposts within our local map of reality. It is that simple. And so, we do it.