We know you are not mentioning your eating issues right now and that is going to be a test, we feel, of your willingness to be true to your deeper sense. Just remember, whatever you do or decide not to do, whatever you choose or whatever choice you don’t make, you can choose the path of least resistance, you can choose to experience ourself exactly as you are, you can choose to be ok in the moment, this place-moment of here-now.

Center yourself. In the next phase of channeling we are moving off in a new vein or a new task. We are assuming that your channels are being punctuated now by those others that will be channeling along with you. We trust that some (do it everybody …) have raised their hands and said, “I do!” and have joined us channeling. We know that they can do it and the ease that their channel comes will be the next phase of what we are about to do, the real purpose of our channel.

At first, our channels are going to focus upon the primary problems with which we need to focus on, namely the healing of ourselves. We cannot hope to heal an outside world – a seemingly outside world – if our own inside world is messed up. The mess will continue to reflect outwards from insides, and the much larger mess outside will continue to dominate our insides.

Think about it this way. The outside world is huge, very huge, and we are very small, very very small in comparison. Our inside world consists to a small part us, but then to a very very large part the impingement of the outside world upon us. We hear the screams, we see the bullying, we smell the roasted flesh, we feel the disease-ridden corpse, our faces are flush with the heat of the explosion. We are absorbing the negativity of the outside universe it seems on our insides.

But our insides are no smaller nor no greater by the addition of this outside impingement. Our ears still hear however much sound they hear, our eyes see only so much, our smell saturates at a certain level, and quite frankly, we are somewhat of a constant.

Our first two lessons are quite simple. To know that to experience experience is to say we are experiencing joy. We accept with the greatest deal of acceptance possible the outside world as its acceptable impingement, freeing ourselves from our judgments. For now, we sense and perceiving, noting the connections, expanding the possibilities, and just assuming that the outside world has a larger universe of which it must fit into, and in fact the ugliness is quite local, that there is a perspective from another place that would seem quite different. We imagine our lawnchairs setup on our bubblemoon home, safely enjoying the view on a new moon night, the bright earth floating beneath us, its gravity securing our orbit. We see the beautiful blue of the planet, the wisps of the clouds, the browns and greens of the continents and in spite of some local wars going on, the planet appears quite miraculously beautiful, which it is. We realize that a greater perspective reveals the strifes and tribulations of the tribe to be quite local, quite contained and really nothing compared to the overall beauty.

Occasionally we are called back to earth to negotiate. The tribes want to talk. We counter every spiritual value with its equal and opposite. We counter respect with respect, harmonizing respect. We counter disrespect with respect, illuminating the absence of respect, disrespect, and casting the light of respect in those dark disrespectful corners of our beloved tribes. We have understood and accepted the instantaneous process of learning, grasping, and following spiritual principles. We know thousands of words and recognize all of them. Hate is countered by love, love is countered by love, further brightening its already gloriously bright glow. We accept the bullying taunts of pollyanna, foolish, new-age, pagan, we are queried by clever judges and lawyers, “So, would you say Hitler is a good man?” We counter their harsh words with serene silence, knowing that we will never win. They have always won and always shall win.

We imagine a toddler taking a beautiful vase and smashing it to the floor, taunting us with “what are you gonna do now” and we know that somehow our love, and continued right-minded principles may someday be heard in the child, but we do not belittle him, berate him, scream at him, spank him … well, maybe spank him, we aren’t perfect and sometimes we lose sight of our own spiritual goals. We recognize and accept our own failings and move on.

Lesson one: we shift and expand our perception, choosing to let our channel guide us. We share our channels. Some we don’t recognize. We judge them. “That sounds crazy.” That person is out to lunch, get a grip, doesn’t have a clue, wacko, then we remember that there is no other channel out there, that the entire universe is within us, and we shall never know the perspective of someone else.

Lesson two. We realize we were wrong. We begin to know the perspective of someone else. We grasped the first four lessons of How to Channel, and recognize those as the first two lessons of our new life. Lessons one and two are really one big lesson. Lessons three and four another. By four we are able to bring the experience of the universe that lies beyind our sense, and we are able to perceive that hidden portion of the universe. We bring the universe within us. As we do, we begin to perceive the sensations of that hidden part of the universe. We feel the feelings beyond ourselves, we smell the smells of a forest far beyond our immediate senses, we hear the call of long extinct animals, we have recreated within us the universe. We grow up.

We realize that those of us are not only on the path, but we are the path. We are the light and we want nothing more than to share this light with others. We are not sure how to do it, but we have our words, our channels guiding us. The dancers dance, the speakers speak, the drummers drum, the eyelids flutter, the ears hear. Our consciousness integrates our selves and we discover the channel that has always been here connecting the various portions of our self with ourself, and connecting our seemingly separate selves with ourselves. We experience a communion of spirits and we begin to sense the consciousness of which we are part of the All That Is consciousness. We already know that we, the earth we, is but one consciousness in a vast universe, but we accept our call to identify as not just earthlings, but as the consciousness of the earth.

We have faith. We have deep, abiding faith. We trust the universe. We trust the creator. We trust the powers given to us by the creator, we trust our own creations, we trust our own hands, for those hands were miraculously given to us by the creator. We understand that like all cells in the body our time will come to participate fully and greatly, following our growing up. We may propagate and divide, we may specialize, we may be of the feet or the eyes, we accept our roles as joyous roles. We understand that the universe, our universe, our great father sky and mother earth, will guide us in our becoming. We understand the path of least resistance and we follow it. We feel it. As we discover this we understand that to lead is to become the ultimate servant. We create the darkness so that other’s lights, however feeble, can shine for them. We are darkness in the sense of calm before anger, cool before heat, water before fire, the cold black of great deep space, the nothingness that is God, we are. We are not nothing, in the sense of non-existence, but we learn to accept, not to resist, not to break. We bend. We turn our cheek when we are slapped, but we know more deeply our cheeks become invisible, we do not aim to resist. To resist would be to stand foolishly saying “hit me” and pretend we don’t hurt. We do hurt. We feel deeply. But we understand that our perceptions have not matured, and we are still growing up.

We understand we may never grow up. Our turn may come to be shed, to divide, to die, to shut down, to be absorbed. We no longer fear. We are not leaving the body, we are the body. We will be the foundation for the future to come. Our life and light will shine on in radiant joy.

We have our channel guiding us. The Bibles and Korans of yesteryear occupy the proper place on our shelves of things our parents have taught us. We have gently and lovingly laid them to rest and endeavor to embrace their spirit and their lessons. Our parents taught us best they could and didn’t have all the advantages we have had. Indeed, they created the many advantages for us that have brought us to where we are today and we thank them deeply and lovingly for what they have given us and what they have taught us. We remember the Golden Rule, we remember the beauty of Genesis, we remember the ancient chants, we consult the I Ching, the wisdom of Confucius, and we know The Tao.

But we grow up. We write our new books with the new guides. They are our giants and we stand on their shoulders peering deep in to the universe and the universe calls to us and we hear its message. We forget the failings of our parents. Their petty squabbles, their bitter wars, their murders, their rapes, their lawsuits, their intimidations, their suicides, their prejudices. We let them go. We become the body and we choose peace. We are a democracy without laws or rules, because the rules are our democracy and written on our hearts. We know in time the unneeded scaffolding of a constitution or world law will be unnecessary, we work from within, we accept these physical boundaries as temporary scaffolding upon which the law is written. Our channels are many. Some make sense only to ourselves as single cells within the entity. Others may not share our understanding. We, we who have failings, will have egos out of control, and manifestations of the old testament. We will lose our tempers. But we let go, forgive ourselves, make amends, and go on.

The twelve steps are a beginning, psychology a preamble, neuropsychopharmacology a toddler’s play, we transcend that. We endeavor to transcend our transcendence, to grow and radiate at an exponential rate. Not out of ego and pride, but out of joy and connection, we realize this because we have a deep faith in the ultimate reality of the universe.

Science in its purest sense becomes our goal, and our science is harmonized to our arts and our politics and our religions. We practice inclusiveness. We have not yet formulated this message, for at this moment of Larz time the channel is one, but at the moment of right-time the one channel is many.

We feel a peace and serenity that transcends our ability to express it, but, our words come close. We do not fear that the great songs of our forefathers will be the last songs, that the great festivals of civilizations past are past, and that the new world will be a glum place of wizened wisemen sitting glumly, if however serenely, on some distant and inaccessible mountain top, shushing the children to be quiet, muzzling the dogs. No, we will be trimming the trees, preparing our feasts, building our spacecraft, gazing through telescopes, exploring Mars, calming revolutions, teaching ourselves in the best ways of all. We want all of our channels to grow and mature. Certainly, the typing voice we want to be great. The poets will channel poetry beyond what has been ever known. Shakespeare will be born anew, as will Walt Whitman, or the odes of Homer. The great Einsteins and Newtons will walk among us again, and we will understand the genius who empties the trash and shines the shoes.

We do not know how we will do this, but we don’t need to know because we have discovered the deep faith of our forefathers. We realize that every point of contention can be countered with a spiritual principle. We will harmonize discordant screeches, if sometimes by retreating to our moonchair gazing lovingly back at earth our holy home. Sometimes we will have to withdraw, sometimes we will have to advance.

We realize we have always begun at the beginning and we are always beginners. Each of us begins the day anew as a newborn newcomer to this great creation. We have spent the deep night in other aspects of our great expansion exploring the world of dreams and creating beyond our creations. We forgive our memory losses, we forgive our slowness, we accept our limitations, we understand that time and energy and space and mass all take time, space, energy and mass, and that there is no substitute for hard work. But what work? For us it is play. We are gifted by the generosity of the universe.

This is step one, lesson one two.

The next lesson is that of maximizing our choices, creating the right blend of potential and kinetic, spending and saving. We will discuss the formation of balance in of a dynamical system. We will find how to mix being and becoming. We will learn to operate with quantum uncertainty. We will explore this other metric of our two-dimensional process of being-becoming. Until then, we go in joy on this wonderful here-moment of time and space our universe has so joyously bestowed upon ourselves.


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