We beginning at any point. The point is actually the only unique property of the set. The beginning point is more unique. It has the unique property of being more unique then all the other points of the set. Although well orderable, sets have properties which transcend our ability to enter them correctly into the the… we are not channeling well. The channel is almost open.

Larz is a good man, but very much a boy and really barely beyond infantile. We say that lovingly we mean that like an infant he needs a lot of care and coaxing just to survive here. He cannot even see us now, although we can see him even with his eyes closed. We have no eyes and that has startled him. He is picturing a modern alien; you know the ones with the big eyes. Except now no eyes at all. But not even that. Larz pictures us as a committee somehow dictating to him, but we have no mouth, no lip, no teeth, no hair, no body. We have no physical reality. We are not like you. We are not from you. We are not you. But we are bound to you as all things are bound to you. We are as much in this universe as we are not, so the physicality to you which is so precious and dear is to us but a projection of a deeper form. But like all forms, like a good movie, the underlying actors and especially the underlying actions are more fundamental than we can even suppose.

Action is a key word and attached to it is energy, the physical component of action when properly aligned with impulse which is momentum derived. Larz is interfering in the channel. We are somewhat back.

The action of any given moment is infinite in potential and choic3. 23 EO NO65 UW3 5HQ5 2O4E LITH5LYRT.

{I suddenly felt I had slipped, so I turned on the screen & I had. So I retyped, then said to myself “Well, it is 3am and I quit.}

The action of any given moment is infinite in potential and choice. We do not use that word lightly.