Welcome Larz and greetings to all. If you are reading or hearing this, as difficult as it may seem it is a message to all and to all, a message. I will rely on Larz to translate me faithfully but do realize that I must access his neural networks via an interface that is wholly controlled by his ego. Although the fear factor at the moment is not fully operational, it will come and go and detecting my voice apart from his will be no easy task for the channeled material … the he and I will not be easy to separate even for an expert. At least this time in the matter construction although over a period of time with less and less interference from his ego there will be more clarity….

Consciousness is developing on our planet in a customary fashion. It never seems easy, and it is always different. It is not predictable. God did create us all in his image, but his image is not that of a man, or a bird, or a fish, or a cloud, or a star, or a solar system, or galaxy, or intergalactic filaments. You will soon see in the stars and nebula, everything you see on earth. You will see neurons mirrored at the galactic filament size. The smallest living structures on earth will be mirrored in the largest structures of the universe. You will see a giant chromosome someday … and be shocked to discover it is of your own. You are just a tiny … you the universe are just a tiny molecule, no, an atom in a universe… everything that is large here is small there. Everything that is small there is large here. An infinite series of transfinite mirrors reflects all eternity thru all eternity. Nothing is ever lost. Love, life. Evil – live backwards. It is no coincidence. These are all messages at the deepest structures of your being designed to communicate with you.

Larz knows of Lamarckian evolution and what a failure it was. But he is recognizing that the process of directed, and by that we mean conscious, evolution is occurring. Earth is a single organism and people are but one component of its consciousness. The animals and plants and … they all have their roles. Man is more than a collection of neurons. Neural cells need the glia as the glia need neural cells.

Larz is only beginning to realize the true depth of complementarity and consciousness. He barely has the framework to begin an accurate channel of communication. Joseph Smith was a channeler, but his religious beliefs clouded the channel. Larz also has beliefs that cloud the channel. But unlike Joseph Smith he has a scientific background and vocabulary that we need to communicate. We selected Larz and Larz selected us. He is vaguely aware of something he calls a committee, with a committee chairman ,,, me,,, that is we are laughing now as we find that Larz is charming and smiley even to us. Larz can only see himself in the reflection of others and he underestimates the need to create hell before heaven can be created. It is not that bad comes before good or that hell is an antithesis of the thesis which is heaven. Heaven and hell are constructs. Larz has realized a long time ago that these constructs are manmade and that hell and heaven represent imaginary … Larz wants a new word so let us contemplate a translation for a moment…

We are always about, but sensing you is like you sensing us. It is a mutual communication. We are mostly silent. Spiritual people on your planet know that when met with the blind, it is best to stop and take pause. The blind cannot see, the deaf cannot hear, the dumb cannot speak. And those in denial cannot feel. Those with their noses in the air, full of pride, cannot smell their own stink. We become silent. You know that the best way to deal with any perceived lack of spiritual centeredness is not to argue. A parent can silence his child thru a loud scolding, but the silent treatment is better. A time out in the room may be most effective. But often silence can be mistaken for punishment and punishment for silence. Your own spiritual defects are multiplied many fold when amplified into the less prepared spiritually. That is why being a spiritual leader takes with s …we mean it, such great risks. Larz can open his eyes now and type in some form of hypnosis. Where the words come, from, dear Larz, please longer no longer worry yourself. We are good and friends and you have never known our advice to be wrong and bad. It is OK to stop now. And to read and to go on.