Will Time

Quite some time ago, for the nth time, our Buddhist Meditation teacher taught that because we cannot find “me” in any of “my parts” there is no me. Unlike the n other times where I seethed in silence, this time I disagreed loudly. It was an ugly moment. The teacher looked stunned and hurt. I felt boorish and ashamed. At that moment, I decided to shut my mouth until I have something to say.

That idea grew. I stopped blogging. Who wants to read page after page of a dribbly blog? Why not be a scientist, artist or musician and only publish the final work? The idea I stumbled on however loudly is not ready for primetime. When I can publish “What am I?” I will.

My sponsor argues otherwise. He says I should blog regularly. He also says I should pray. Tonight, then, I will do both. I will pray to my channel for guidance and we can see what it says together. After all, I claim that our collective channels will eventually form the 4th Testament. As grandma says, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.”


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