Z0013 – Unconditional Love

I was so irritated by my last two channels — crap in my opinion — that I thought, maybe my memory of something interesting or worth studying was bogus. Then this channel.

I do recall Steven asking me the question … and I do recall the channel being particularly difficult to channel. It looks dense. It looks controversial. I’ve perused it, I’ll post it, I’ll pick it apart.

C0019 – 2007.1128.0110.8430

Steven has asked me to ask my channel about Unconditional Love. Already I heard something like “There is only unconditional love. Anything else is not love, but some reflection of that.”

Nor do I feel particularly inclined or able to channel tonite, but I will. Jane Roberts used to say I can feel “Seth” about. So maybe also, I wonder if my dude has a name. It does “feel” decidedly masculine in energy. And I can say I feel dude about…

You would like to give us a name? Or are we supposed to have one already? What is a name. Well, we will see. We do have a mischievous sense of humor from yourself, you know. How about Call Us Larry? Yes, WE ARE LARRY. LOL. We hope you like us. You don’t have to call us Larry, but we think that is funny.

Unconditional love is a difficult subject. So much already has been written on it and to suppose we even understand what love is. The image you have formed already when the question was asked is accurate in some ways. But a mother does not necessarily need to “feel” love and unconditional love usually implies a feeling of love, whether or not one wants to love the creature. To say that a mother pregnant from a heinous mishap “loves her baby unconditionally” is hardly the truth.

Unconditional love itself springs from a deep awareness of being the transcendence of which liberates all concerted from the lover to those being loved. It is the culmination of a series of spiritual awakenings. Acceptance has sprung from tolerance as unconditional love springs from its precursors, such as love, respect, kindness, deference, reflectivity, and other actions in which the lover projects himself onto the beloved.

To say God loves unconditionally is to suppose that we could say what God experiences, but because unconditional love seems to be something an object creates for his subject, that love would appear then to be subjective to the objectification process. This is going to require considerable part on the flexibility of Larz’s channel to open to accommodate these ideas, so we are asking him to free by at least two more levels. This is Larz and I understand.[1]

To love unconditionally is a great experience and can lead the lover to unexplored spirituality that cannot be accessed any other method. Unconditional love would be to take every known spiritual principle, especially truth, acceptance, serenity, and many others, and apply equally. It is an expansive process and requires the object to be highly centered with his subject around him. The process itself requires energy, and so manifests itself as an energy continuum in this dimension. In other words, there is a physical equivalent of unconditional love. It is a matrix upon which other spiritual properties can bend themselves too. It is not an unbiased experience but is highly subjective as the object attempts to encompass the objectified — the subject — into a single world view. Unconditional love is actually rather egotistical but does assume that the lover and the beloved are actually part of the same super object. The unconditional lover sees himself then as a conduit for the true source of love, God, to the source of that which is unloved … the subject.

This is a highly misleading and inaccurate view of unconditional love. If done correctly the object itself loses meaning and experience is only there as replacement. It could be said then, that the Buddhist conception of nirvana could come close, were the Buddhists so non-fixated on the idea of “nothingness” as a virtue. Nothing is not a virtue. It is no thing and as such, is not physical. Unconditional love is always physical and only operates within the physical context. We, for instance, cannot “unconditionally love you” because we do not physically exist except during those brief moments and then it is only Larz that is sort of experiencing what we mean but his consciousness is so highly egocentric and focused, even there our feelings barely get through. In other words, the condition of our love requires that the physical condition of an open channel be maintained. Larz must sit at his keyboard and be willing to type as his free-flowing thoughts dictate, some of which occur through the channel and some of which are the love that he is experiencing now.

We of course mean the very best for everyone and with no harm. Unlike Larz, we do not have a jealousy of “successful people” nor do we find Jesus and his followers abhorrent, and we have no comment on rape, because at this time our understanding of reality is far too different to communicate through you.[2]

We of course hope that in time with continuing opening of the channel that the openness of our love will be felt. We broadcast a message of such deep peace that it would seem odd to you that we are not opposed to the Hitlers, the Napolenic wars, or the atom bomb. How could such creatures, then, be capable of unconditional love, if they support such abhorrent activities and creations of man? And the answer is it is all what is. All That Is is conditional upon the formation of the universe. Therefore, All That Is knows a conditional love … the love of his creations which he has so imbued with his own powers to continue to create and expand his love. There is no ultimately unconditional love then. Your ability to love, for instance, is constrained to the human form.

Suppose, that you, the person reading this, the teacher, have a student who is desperately in need, although it is not a student you currently consider within your fold. Perhaps this long forgotten child of yours is desperately needing your unconditional love and acceptance in order to survive. Now, knowing this you begin to scan and ask, is it X, is it Y, is it someone Larz knows or speculates? I must find him and fulfill my duty to unconditionally love. But then, right now you’re sleeping. Larz slips this letter into your door and this student goes un-unconditionally loved because you are asleep. Can you carry your spiritual awakening into the great beyond when you can’t carry it into your sleep? You would like to say yes, but it is not as simple as that.

To know unconditional love is to understand love, and love is a physical phenomenon. A rock does not love, in the sense that you do, although it places much less conditions on others. It is, from your point of view, being a rock and doing its rock-like thing well, such as sitting on your shelf sculpted into the ground form of a beautiful little pyramid. It gives itself unconditionally to this process, and it resists as all rocks of its nature to the grinders cutting stone and the sharp blade of another, harder and more conditional rock. It submits to the will of this other atomic-construct and that which is conforming to an even larger construct, the construct of day-time awake consciousness is guiding the whole process. In other words, it could be said the rock is capable of experiencing unconditional surrender and it will behave according to very predictable rules and measurements. If an x-ray determines a stress fracture at point P within the rock, the rock will crack according to atomic rules. In other words, the stress of the cut will sadly break off a corner of the perfect pyramid, as a condition of the cutting. It is not that the rock was suddenly “conditional”… the inherency of its reaction all along was conditioned by its very nature. Its consciousness is not so flexible in a sense. Ironically, an inflexible consciousness is that which is capable of being unconditional.

Now we realize this was a wordy example for you, and please forgive us. Larz is trying to channel accurately and he knows he is creating verbose explanations for the visual images that he is working from. If Larz were more poetic, he could take image and combine words perfectly to describe without verbosity. This is not happening yet but will in time.

So, now take yourself. To be unconditional you must be like the rock. The rock does not alter its properties. It is not “nice” to one blade and “naughty ” to another. It continues to be rock-like in the snow, and in the sun, on planet venus, and under acid rains of Antarus. The rock would float to another space or sink in another river. It would be “unconditionally” a rock. In other words, it would not alter its behavior in response to a changing situation. Rather, its response to the situation would be to be the very rock that it is. In this sense, rocks have achieved some form of unconditional love.

In your case, however, you behave differently according to the mask that you are wearing, which Larz attempted to channel the other day. One person, your troublesome missing student, is nowhere to be unconditionally loved. You may need to call out, to pray, to beg or plead with your higher power. You may need to ask yourself “Am I centered and serene? Am I capable of being a good teacher? What should I do, oh great Higher Power?” Then another student, like Larz, may eagerly call you up and require something different. Now I must listen. Now I must talk. Now I must walk. Now I must stop. Now I must sit and think. Now I must stand and feel. This coworker wants this, that student wants that. Every situation requires you to react. You try to react according to a limited set of spiritual principles, and that is the first step towards unconditional love. You are “reacting less” by reacting more according to less, more consistent principles. Finally, with unconditional love, you would react the same way at all times. If you found your spiritual gurudom at the top of the fabled mountain, you with long white beard, stroking like in Pulp Fiction movie, no other one[3], like chinese man, you would nod. The disciples would come to you great master and you would nod the same way for each. You would nod to the butterfly and to the sun. You would nod to the flux of nearby neutrinos, you would nod to the atomic bomb. You would nod to the helpless student caught in grips of continuing malaise. You would nod to your teacher and to your employer, you would nod to your car. And you would stroke your beard and continue on your unconditional path, unconditionally. There would be no condition that would alter your path. There would be no conditional that would alter your condition. Unconditional changes would not be a problem. Under the condition of all change you would unconditionally be the same. No condition would change your condition. You would be able to love, whether you were sleeping, or mad, or sad, or dead, or made out of eggplant cartons, or if you were bubbles in a bottle of beer. You would be a dead spirit floating the life in another world and your condition would not change. You would be physical or not physical and your condition would not change. You would love what was dead and you would love what was living. You would love the existent and you would love the nonexistent. All things would be loved. All no-things would be loved. To be unconditional would require that you attain a state of being and not have a state of becoming. You could not change, or your love would be conditional. So, to love unconditionally is to wish to not exist as a changing physical being.

It is a sad truth that none of us have achieved this and we are not sure that All That Is is unconditional. We do know that the universe will be loved by all god’s heart and all god’s being for each moment of its creation, and god knows not if there was a time before the time that his time began. There was a great void that is not talked about because it cannot be. There is no love there we suspect. God’s love may be conditional.

As long as you are a being, in a state of becoming, you will not love unconditionally. But you can try these following exercises. Can you reduce the many complex set of your spiritual values … can you analyze and group them? You will be able to take more esoteric and little used values and encompass them in a larger construct.

We suggest you take your spiritual guidance book, or perhaps the list of topics for a spiritual meeting, and choose your least favorite, especially the “most unspiritual topics’ especially topics that don’t seem right or don’t feel right. What larger topic can encompass this topic. Thus topic “A” could be seen as a subset of topic “B”. Do this for all topics. This is a long and arduous task.

For instance, truth & honesty are combinable. Willingness is combinable with >>>>>>. Faith and hope are combinable. After you have got this new list, with the former subjects now listed as “synonyms” or as special cases. Start the process again. When you are done, you will have a single topic “LOVE” which can be applied under every condition in your daily life. You will recognize listening as an act of love. You will recognize prayer and meditation as an act of love. You will realize eating healthy and not smoking as acts of love. You will realize financial responsibility as acts of love. You will buy your shoes and act responsibly financially simultaneously once you realize how to understand both acts are acts of love. You will know when helping yourself, in lieu of helping a seemingly helpless student, is an act of love. Each moment will be acts of love, acting as acts of love.

With this great task accomplished, willingness will be seen as love. Open-mindedness as love. Each step will explore a different act of love. In the end you will have many steps of love at your disposal. A loving inventory. A loving prayer. Your character defects will be be replaced with love.

Then, the next phase will be begun. You can carry the love into your dream world, into your unconscious world. You can communicate this to the very atoms within and the very atoms without. You can lose yourself in the world. You can lose yourself in a rock. You will someday find yourself nowhere, doing nothing. And then you will know unconditional love.

In the meantime, joyously accept your boundaries as a conditional lover. Do not think that you aren’t. By accepting your loving limitations, only then can your love begin to explore the nature of “that without condition, shape, or form.”

Love, unconditionally, Larz’s Higher Power

[1] Actually, in post script I do not understand. What are “levels”? And why would I say “I understand” I do remember feeling that I could “let go” better and let it flow easier.

[2] December 31st, 2007 comment: I think this is a little harsh over statement of my feelings. I have spent much of my life holding Christians in some contempt for what I felt was a rejection of me by them for something I could not control, namely being gay. But today I try not to confuse the message of Christianity with the confused message of some of the followers. Christians, like all people, including myself, can be judgmental, highly unspiritual, selfish, close-minded and so on. And even the directly anti-gay messages of the Bible are … well … lots of things in the Bible aren’t believed or followed any more, like the dietary restrictions of Leviticus. Moreover, the Bible as we know it is a book that was rewritten by committees at Nicea and at other times and places, so the original is long lost. The four Gospels, for instance, are but four of over a dozen known. What that means to me is that man’s influence on the Bible is pretty strong. The Bible contains a message by men, for men. Could God, for instance, have communicated the true nature of creation to people that did not have mathematics and science, if in fact there is a mathematical, scientific basis to the Universe? I don’t think so. But back to the point. For me, right now, learning tolerance in the face of intolerance, respect in the face of disrespect, and other ethical responses to non-ethical situations is a major personal goal. Conversely, I don’t expect this channel to be “The Word”. First of all, as mentioned in the beginning, my ego is totally tied into the formation of these words. A goal of mine here is to begin separating “the wheat from the chaff”. Through deep introspection and honesty I hope to separate my ego-generated mis-channeling from a deeper voice that I believe guides us all. I believe God’s creative spark is at the core of all beings, yours and mine. Perhaps, I am beginning to wonder if my Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, my ADHD, somehow actually makes it easier for me compared to others to “channel”. My mind wanders so easy (and usually brings me to tears as I try to accomplish a task) that during the channel process I tell it to “JUMP” and it runs away almost instantly and the channeled words just sort of flow.My best guess to what the channel is at this moment, is that it is the deeper parts of myself, my conscience, that I haven’t ever tried to consciously access. I don’t believe the channel is “from the great beyond” even though it says it has a beingness that is independent of me. But really, what do I know? Reality runs far deeper than myself and my biases and beliefs. For all I know God really is trying to communicate to me or through me. If God created me and if I am connected to God, then this is certainly a possibility, in spite of my beliefs.

[3] It meant Kill Bill.

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