Z0012 – Talking, Thinking and Addiction


Talking, thinking and addiction. The primary question initially was, “why does Larz seem to be addicted to talking? Is ADHD or other mental disorders important to be addressed in addiction, especially through biochemical or more precisely neuropharmaceutical — or neuropharmacological methods? Is addiction a gift or a curse? Is mental illness a gift or a curse?”

Many of these answers are so strongly felt by Larz that it is safe to say the percentage of his opinion is greater then the percentage of our ability to channel, nevertheless let us ask Larz to be open-minded and to retreat into the comforting “addiction” of his rapid typing and the clitter clatter that the beautiful keys of his Hewlett-Packard keyboard makes. He likes his HP. Do we get any marketing perks from that, HP?

Yes, to most all questions, if not all. Addiction is both a curse and a blessing, so is mental illness. Talking, or any other process including gambling, eating, pooping or peeing, crying, or blinking, breathing, or even more complex activities at the personal level such as sex, massaging, licking, or at the societal level such as church-going, card playing, gambling, working. Or even at the “macro-human” level such as warring, negotiating, hostile acquisitioning, merging, annexing anschluss, or back to the community, libeling, slandering, prosletizing, preaching, helping, thieving, whoring, sneezing. Shrugging, kissing … any ing-ing will do. Addiction is an extreme form of i-ing in which the ing keeps on ringing-ing-ing ing ing ing, way past any of the rest of our desire to hear the channel recuring-ring-ring-ring. Steven is quite right to ask for a more “poetic” channel. The fact that Larz’s fingers type relatively fast at 80 or so words per minute does not mean that 80 units of information flow forth. No, he keeps saying, ke he he he keeeps re re re re peating the same things. He keeps saying the same things. Over and over and over. Our channel itself gets caught in the eddy’s of his mind, and we hold on for the ride, getting out dripping wet and wondering what land we have ended up in. Usually it is far from any land that we might have anticipated, but of course anticipation implies a disconnection from the present moment to some degree and we are rarely capable of that perception. Of course, there is no moment other than the present moment. So really none of us can leave it. Some, however, would “judge” this statement inaccurate and point out that anticipation is a Present Moment feeling having to do with a Future Moment event. That event does not exist as except for some latency, we want to say.

Now, specifically talking. Talking can be an exciting process. But like all processes extremes lead to undesirable results. Too much and

……………………  I accidentally erased most of this channel 😦

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