This seemed like a particularly wackadoodle channel when I first read it. But it asks a serious sounding set of questions: “Where is that Book of Life? The handbook of happiness?” and it goes to show the inherent limitations of my consciousness and channel. Nor does it give an easy answer, goes on to spout some pseudo science(E=mc2 being written as E/c = mc), states consciousness is not bound by the laws of physics and math, and a few other crazy ideas. But it does state something that is perhaps obvious (or maybe not) … that meaning is found by searching for it.

Of what value is our message to you? On one hand it may seem important. On the other hand, it may seem purely esoteric with no practical day-to-day value. Who knows? Who cares? The process of the channel is that a whole life is governed by more inputs than just what is perceived. In addition, there are all the senses most of which are not perceived, so plenty of information from known sources exists. But what is this mind which perceives and how is it related to the physical brain which senses? At what levels do the realities intersect? Where lays consciousness?

The real question is where is that Book of Life? The handbook of happiness? The method towards perfection? The way to the state of being that is most desirable? The very questions suppose that to manifest an ideal life, that we, that you, that one must do something. That without some great effort on your part, in consistent direction, will be the only path to a life well-examined, well-lived, well-deserved, well-earned and well-well. The rewards for good living, the rewards for a successful striving should be the attainment of several measures of success. They should be practical, physical. They should appeal to the senses. That there is “nowhere to go” would make this or any channel access to the greater font of information a trivial exercise in mindless symbol formation. Why bother? Who knows where the answer lies? Is it with us? Can we tell you? Will we tell you?

The reality is that perceptions are so inherently tied to the mind process and the mind is so protected by the ego, which is the gateway boundary between the inner and outer worlds, such that no answer would ever suffice. Suppose we told you that this channel were true and you could not prove it otherwise but it would be of no practical value to you until you were dead. You would say, “Of course, what a meaningless waste of my time. You are saying, read read read, study study study, learn learn learn, only so that when I am dead it will be of use.” “Yes,” we reply, “our meaning will be of use in a far off and very dead time. Please, trust us.” Of course, you’d reject the crackpot insanity.

Now let’s take the idea a step further. Let’s say the same thing. “We have a great story to tell. The greatest story ever told in fact. Its meaning is so deep and its value so important, that although completely useless to you right now, it will – trust us – be really super great someday.” Oops, let’s put it more flowery. The day of presence fell and felt, on a morning slumber gone long. The afternoon shades of pale and gold, and summer heats the throng. The windswept curtains of life sweep by, your soul passing silently through. Your final days on earth are gone, your blessed soul be two. Here on earth your remains lie, stately for all to see. We cry our tears, and drop our day, to spend a long goodbye. Gone you are and soon forgot, the dust of bones is blowing. Cross windswept plains of forlorn groves, shade trees in the quiet night. Your soul departed, serene at last. Quiet in solitude and bliss. Our meaning clear, so glad in deed. This mortal dead and bliss.

Well, this poetry isn’t so good. Let’s go another way.

It came to pass that the prophet Jerosem was crossing the plains with his 7 sons, single daughter, and wife Bosenna. 40 days and 40 nights they crossed such desert, collecting night dew under bright moon skies. But Jerosem never faltered in his faith of the Lord, crying “Oh father, guidest thou naught cross mountain and vale and endless plains, sand swept barren heights, yet in thy dry land, the wet land, thy land of terror beasts and cruel insect, you carried us safely…”

No wait, a psalm.

The Lord guidest me naught cross barren waste, to lay my bones downtrodden. For in the silent nightingale, a spider lies fallen.

We are not getting through. The brain structure, as you can see, is impeded by the very structure of the consciousness guiding the mind. Our point was quite specific. Larz, while versed in the Bible, has contemptuous issues around Christians and the many years he spent reading the Bible. This makes him no expert because “He loves it naught”. This lack of study, of live, of identification merely makes the channel twisted and plain. The words do not come tumbling down thru a swiftly small and deep creek in the mind. Rather they disappear in a stagnant marsh, caught in memories past.

In contrast, Larz who so deeply desires to understand in the form of a good science read, has a brain like that of a well-read but not far-studied science fiction lad. Open to wonder, ready to gaze on the infinite possibilities of alien worlds beyond or alien worlds within. Shrunk to the size of an atom, transported to the length of a light millennium. Far from here and now, but tantalizingly close are these unknown lands of mystery, yet strangely familiar thanks to the likes of science, math, the imagination, and her other tools. It is the plasticity in this region, in this formation of “new” thoughts the channel is easiest to burst. The lands of the babble or of the bible are filled with resents. They are times of living pasts. They are the chariots of the Ben Hur nineteen fifties. The Ten Commandments. Or the Robe. They are of a seemingly closed and very wrong past. Therefore, there is no channel when the mind is ready to crush any semblance of unwanted truth. Only by creating the perception of openness, then, are we able to start creating our own pathway to the truth. Thus, what we know is hugely limited not only by Larz’s ability to type the thoughts we are thinking, so to speak, but more importantly the gentle thoughts do not land on an alien hell created by unresolved childhood memories. In other words, the “who knows” is Larz. Not a single word can be uttered beyond his vocabulary or his ability to create such a vocabulary through the creation of composite word structures. New ideas will have to be grafted onto the existing symbol set like a new book on paper – which has not changed in structure during the course of the printing. In other words, who knows where this will go? Larz doesn’t and neither do we.

It would be nice to say that we have ultimately practical advice to offer, direction to provide, or fatherly wisdom to pass on. The kind teacher, the gentle preacher. The loving mother. The stern superintendent. The master. The enlightened one. With a gentle arch of a hand the crowd hushes awaiting the soon to come wisdom. Children gather and small animals bow in reverence as the great one draws more and more into his blessed becoming of a speech. The Sermon on the Mount, for modern day Christians, pagans, Chinese and African warlords. Filmmakers and crusty seafaring harlots would look at each other in awe as they discover the truth.

The irony of that statement is exactly what we mean. In spite of any appearance to the contrary, any consciousness can so interact and communicate with any consciousness at any time or place. Consciousness is not bound by the laws of physics and math, and so relegated to the logic domains of a system intrinsically biased. In other words, great flexibility is found once the channel begins to open and more of the message comes thru then the biases of the fingers typing it. The fingers, which so love to type, begin arching in anticipation of the free-flowing message of love that pours forth. A number of positive and negative quantum realizable particles are creating harmonic waves of meaning.

Take your body. It is essentially what light looks like after it stops moving in linear arcs and instead forms inwardly focused arcs. It is light that has collapsed on itself by an inverse dimension. X is to c as c is to X. So, X squared equals c squared. E = mc2 is better written as E is to c as c is to M … with M being defined as 1/m. In other words c, forms the intermediary boundary between two concepts who start out equivalent on one side of the equation and inverse on the other. Light is to the boundary as the boundary is to the light. Light squared is as the boundary squared. This defines how an external energy process infolds and becomes an internal energy process. Light has not lost its true character whether it is coursing across the heavens as a beam or conversely centering the heavens as a mass.

This channel will have more and more practical uses but only insofar an awakening in thine own channel. In other words, as electrons seek electrons in spite of their repellant charge. The opposites find meaning in the inverse opposites.

Meaning is to be found as meaning is to be searched for. Finding meaning is found by creating meaning. Most deeply the meaning of your life is not defined by some symbolic chutzpah created by a long dead Larz, but rather the meaning was the discovery of your own potential to create.

So most importantly we hope you see how Larz himself transcends his own limitations. Someday he will speak of Christians and their kind with love for he will see their true heritage in his life. He will love the corn no less than the kernel and realize that kernel to corn to kernel, is also corn to kernel to corn. In other words, it is the oscillation of the kernel-corn-kernel-corn-kernel-corn lifecycle of never-ending biological seasonal growth that is the key. Larz-Voice-Larz-Voice. You-Larz/voice-You-LarzVoice-You …

We want to bring meaning to you not because of some sense of motive or superiority, or ego boosting gratification, but because our goal is equal to Larz. We want to create as much as Larz wants to be created. We want to play (recreate) as much as work (re-create). The path to our salvation lies in the creation of yours. In that sense we are a superior race, but not in a physical sense. We are not stronger … we have no body. We are not smarter … we have no brain. We are not kinder … we have no feelings. We are not more spiritual … we have no hands to fold in prayer or hearts to open, or god to pray to. We are not god, yet all are god.

The message to you is that this process will unfold your own being and becomingness. As we help you grow, we grow. Your own process will be a joy to hold and discover, and this process of growth never needs to amplify, decay, or transmute. So much to say, but reality is reality.

In the long run, all is reality. These symbols are as real as any symbols. The truth is always true. It has nothing to do with anything other than “only what is real exists” except for what is unreal that exists!


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