Golden Detriever

Alex stood there, fuzzy head pressed through the twisted iron banister, mental wheels spinning. We were playing living room fetch but I had bounced the ball slightly too hard and it had bounced through the open banister, down the stairs & came to rest at the front door. Not only was this twisty iron in his way, but the ball was a half a floor down. He was intent upon retrieving.

He took a step or two back and continued to ponder. There was something fascinating about watching Alex think. I could feel his intent. And then, the flash of inspiration. Was it a memory of going around the banister, down the stairs & waiting for the front door to open? I won’t ever know. But he seemed happy, bouncing after the ball down the stairs, retrieving it and back up, tail wagging, ball in mouth, ready for another go ’round.

And that’s how I feel when I ponder this blog and the universe. Were there some superior intellect watching me, would they have a type of silent bemusement watching my puny mental wheels spin as I ponder the nature of things? Yes, I think it’s amazing we can understand anything at all, let alone ponder the big questions of what is reality, why are we here, what are we to do and so on. I don’t even know if I’m asking the right questions, let alone have the intellect to ponder the answers. I’ve come to believe life is built into the universe and that a new science of Organic Physics is waiting to be born. I have a few preliminary hypotheses (example: the measure of a living process is how much the function is independent of the underlying physical structure) but what do I do with those thoughts? I spend most my days training in a call center and managing a team, not contemplating biophysics.

I have another idea, which this blog is mostly focused on, that all of us have at hand a connection between our consciousness and physical reality, which I call a channel. For me, it’s hearing a voice speak and me taking dictation. I’m going to post my 373rd channel today … like usual for me these days, I’m rereading channel by channel, searching for a term or phrase that I think might help me get through the moment. Channels like mine sometimes get turned into religions (The Qu’ran, The Book of Mormon) but usually probably just disappear in the throng and chaos of a billion other voices. That’s okay. As long as I hear my own words & put them to the test is enough for me.

It really doesn’t matter to me that my intellect is barely more than Alex’s, stuck in detriever mode staring at a ball that can’t be fetched without a new thought. Maybe I’ll have a momentary flash of insight, too.

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