Channel Z0373

I chose this channel to study the other day, because I was feeling so much hatred towards myself on the stupid, self-destructive things I’ve done to myself over the years. And this channel? It’s message (at least on that day) was that it’s easy to expect others to fix us & to forgive us, but the real challenge in life is forgiving ourself for our own sins.

When I posted a few channels online many years ago on a now defunct website, a psychic wrote saying one of her clients had a message for me. Not only do I need to post my work, but I need to break it up into bite-sized pieces to make it easier to read. So far, I haven’t figured out how to do this. It’s so dense, but I don’t know how to edit it to make it simpler.


C0373. 2009.0419.0555.0446c – Sunday, April 19th, 2009. 5:55am.

I had what was my best birthday ever yesterday. My team & coworkers all wore black, bought me Depends & Ensure, black licorice, a $50 Amex gift card, black balloons, streamers & confetti, had three cakes, and we just had a party. I wore the Depends on the outside of my clothes and made the company TV. “Argggh, matey! That Depends!” . I couldn’t have been happier.

This is in spite of my finances (lack thereof), my vision (lack thereof), my maturity … but you know, I have enough money, can see well enough, and am grown up enough today to at least know what I want.

Steven loaned me a copy of the Koran, which I’ve never looked at before. My channel has insisted on spelling it Qu’ran, but both spellings appear to be right. To me the Qu’ran at first glance appears to be a rechanneling of the important Old Testament and some of the Newer Testament stories that Mohammed heard growing up, as well as a new channel. His anger and bitterness are apparent to me — I can understand that — and clearly his channel is vibrant. The fact it is a single source, like Mormonism, is probably important. I look forward to reading it.

Channel Z0373

2009.0419.1005.0446z – Sunday, April 19th, 2009. 10:05am.

The birch tree outside the window seems to have responded to the unusual spring storm. Unusual not in the sense that such storms do not happen. Such storms happen every spring, however, of all the particular days or moments, these last few days were the unusual days. The tree knew times were different, the storm was different, and the difference is that the biochemical reactions were coupled to genetic actions and all of these in concert are producing the flowering of the tree, even though the ordinary passerby would not recognize any flowering. The same passerby may or may not notice the spruce trees, either, or the green grass or the beautiful blue sky. Most certainly they would not notice the presence of a dark man {The channel just meant it would be hard to see me because outside was light and my room relatively dark, so from outside it would be just a dark image of me sitting}behind a second story glass window sitting staring out the window, nor even suspect that were they to be walking by right now, they would be the subject of our channel. Instead, we see ghosts of channeling past and presence of channeling future and know that their presence is as inherent as the budding of the tree was from the vantage of some time ago. In a similar way, what should be obviously apparent is that “channeling” per se has not ever truly stopped on this planet. That would be like saying that electricity had somehow stopped flowing or that light wasn’t coursing or that consciousness wasn’t manifesting. We have spoken before on the physical nature of consciousness and what should be clear is that consciousness is capable of creating the Qu’ran as easily as it can the Zoran or whatever this channel should come to be called.

The deep reality of the universe gives mathematics its basis. The properties of complex numbers, for instance, are nearly magical. We have a hard time imagining anything other than complex numbers and they seem to exist on a two-dimensional surface, yet there we are looking at them from either side of the paper knowing that their presence somehow transcends our ordinary conception of everyday reality. Again, we encourage ourself to just let go and just let it flow.

In times past, in the time of Joseph Smith or Muhammed, a religious fervor would serve as the fuel of the channel, and the message would be couched in certain religious terms. Those of the way and the truth and the light would be seen as the chosen ones, all else would be infidels. We could choose a path of revolution, too, and learn the Qu’ran in order to attack it, degrade it, berate it, and use its own words against it. Already, in Sura 4-34, we believe, we have read an admonishment against suicide. Certainly then, the devout that commit suicide in the name of Allah are banned from heaven given the verses that follow thereafter. And as commented in an earlier introduction, the anger and self-righteousness of Mohammed is clear, distancing, negative, frightening, repulsive, revolting, repugnant, and leads to immediate negative reactions in ourself. Obviously then we are not ready to transcend that message and so continue to focus on our truth which is that there is only light. The question in that ancient book then is not whether or not it is in the dark — of course it is and indeed any manifestation of reality has the dark at its very core, the duality of existence as the Krishna perhaps see it, or in the case of the manifest Aztec Gods. We are not looking to see the darkness for there is nothing to see. There is nothing there, that is why it is dark. To the enlightened ear we would hear only the harmony, see only the harmony, sense only the joy. So clearly, we have barely begun, yet again, our own journey into the light and we must use it to light the way. As we have said before, the tomes of generations past, The Tao, the rites of the witches and pagans, the tribal memories, the Qu’ran and the Torah and the Bible, even Seth’s work, the Book of Mormon, and yes, even this channel, are merely lights shining in the darkness lighting our way, creating our light, and if the books of yesteryear do not burn as bright as we need in the seemingly harsh light of the present then we need to turn away from them, keep them dusted and clean, and look at them with love and awe and respect, as we would old photographs of our great, our very great, grandparents, with love and recognition, for when we look into the eyes of our ancestors we see the reflections of our self, for we are the reflections of them. To condemn any path is to condemn our own path, and to revolt against any religion is to revolt against ourselves. We can listen in awe, reverence, and, if need be, respectful silence so that we can clearly hear the message that those still on those paths hear. Their way is lighted. Their path to them may seem clear and if they should stumble, stub their toe, or explode themselves in dark fury, then we should merely shine quietly, brightly, dimly, insistently, like a firefly or like a supernova, and remember, they are reflections of ourself and until we recognize ourself in all things, in all moments, in all religions, in all eyes, in all dusty tomes, in all weathered photographs, that we have not yet found our own way and are still stumbling in our own darkness.

The universe knows nothing but joy. From deep space the best telescope would see the blue white globe of earth, its occasional patches of green and orange, the sun shimmering off the atmosphere, the large flocks of migrating birds, the amazon forests and the pine forests of the north, the ice and water and mountains, for what they really are: the beauty and glory of the magnificent creator, and would feel heartfelt praise and heartfelt joy. Growing up is never very easy, especially when our parents were busy fighting and screaming, and poking each other’s eyes out with sticks, as their parents did before them. We are squabbling bands of roving monkeys blowing up our bombs, stealing each other’s resources, and taking, not giving. For years the focus of religions was on the behavior of the individual, and the individual was subject to the outer dictates of religion. Now we propose the opposite, that the individual should be subject to the guidance of their good, noble and interior true self, the true channel, the way and the light from within, and the individual should shine as a beacon of sanity and hope for the society at large. The society itself is an organism, a large, conscious, thinking, feeling, childish organism, lost and confused, being born out of our collected self, and so we do not recognize our larger self for what it is. We are the neurons within its brain, our technology is its eyes and ears, and our computer and communications systems are the path that connect the source of consciousness, which is in all things: the rocks and mountains, the atmosphere, the electrons in the computer, the atoms in the atomic bomb. All are connected and joined via this force and there is nothing to fear.

The time of the old is over. The time of squabbling monkeys has past and the new silence is upon us. We are currently alone in our awe, we are alone in the deep silence of space, and we can stop squabbling long enough to listen to the sounds of our Hubble Ears and Webb Eyes, we can shuttle into space and to the moon, and we can venture like scared little animals leaving their den, forced to forage on their own as their parents have seemingly left. But our parents have not left, they have written the Book of Life on our hearts and still sing within our cells. They have done the best they could and guided our busy squabbling minds the best we could listen, and we must forgive their sins as we forgive our own. We are here to save ourselves and we must try to gently guide ourself down the path of a salvation, knowing that our savior would understand. Our savior has come, he is risen, he walks among us still. He is the ghost passerby walking down the street, he is smelling the spruce, he is the beautiful bird outside our window, who, like the tree is blooming with a feathery crown to attract his mate. Life abounds, life exists, life is still alive, well and good, and we are the chosen ones, chosen to protect this planet, protect our gentle consciousness, light our way, solve our problems.

We have been lazy spoiled children for far too long. Waiting for our parents, our savior, to return, not realizing that they have given us all we need. We think of a great mother turtle, carefully, gently, lovingly, covering her precious eggs with sand, knowing she may never see the future, see her children, know how they do, because she has to return to the sea, follow her own calling and go on, just as her parents did before her. God has created the universe. Is it not grand? Is it not magnificent? Is it not enough? Or must we cry out in spoiled horror? Where is mommy? Where is daddy? I don’t want to grow up. Save me! Forgive me! Atone for my sins! Make my badness go away! Show me how to be kind, loving, careful, caring, hopeful, hoping, benevolent, generous, magnanimous, open-minded, clear, honest, frugal, gentle, loving, happy, joyful, and so now, here we are speaking our words, guiding ourself. We have been here all along, the prophets have spoken, our path is given, the way is lighted.

Our loving parents have gone their way. They have done what they need to do. They have given us what we could. We are the parents now, we must protect ourself, the children who have not yet seen the light. We are the way and the light, and our path is good and holy and has room for all. We will bring ourselves out of the deserts and the wars, the lies and the pestilence, the famines and the grief, the pollutions and the bombings, the fightings and the noisy posturings and poundings on the chest that gorillas and baboons and those among us are still prone to do.

We are the way and the light. We are the guiding path, we are filled with lifht. Go out among ourself and build the houses, grow the crops, plant the seeds, clean the sludge {I ran into a friend later that afternoon who complained he spent the day cleaning the sludge from a pond}, paint the maps, look at the stars, explore outerspace, explore the depth of our hearts. The new age comes from within, not from without. The path to without flows from within. We know it in our hearts, we feel it in our bones, we see it in the reflections of our eyes. We are the chosen people. We can grow up. Let’s go do it in joy, raising our hands in Allah’s name, and declaring Amen! and Woo Hoo!

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