Is God done?

Many suspect correctly that God isn’t done. There are more prophets and more creations in store. There is no end as there was no beginning. Even the big bang will eventually be understood to create time and space, but not be the beginnings of beginnings. The linear sequence of events is already showing itself to be inadequate to explain the behaviors of systems separated in space and time, yet still interconnected.

The great words that come from the mouths of the prophets, or written by their hands, came “from upon high”, yet, there is nothing more special about then then now.

If anything, God has a better educated populace to work with. Questions of choice and psychology, relativity and quantum mechanics, gravity, and chromodynamics are not such foreign concepts. We are no longer sheepherders educated in the ways of sheep but little else. We are a grown, conscious, sentient, group of highly-educated human beings, whose potential has just begun to be known.

Channel Z0128

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