Be Light!

Channel Z0128

This channel exists. All channels exist. Making them happen is like making reality happen, there is no need to, it already exists. Now, many things exist but, in a way that we are unaware of their existence. Nebula, in their exquisite detail, existed long before the advent of modern telescopes to reveal them, but the advent of the telescope made a deeper understanding of the universe possible. The material that is going to be channeled already exists and exists before the attempt is made to channel it. Clearly, as Larz somewhat understands, the material far exceeds his ability to just “blurt it out”. In fact, as any computer speech programmer knows, the formation of intelligent speech patterns is a highly complex endeavor. The formation of a single word is challenging enough, let alone a meaningful sentence, or paragraph. At this point there are no computers that can engage in conversation in a Turing sense. At some point, rapidly, even an untrained observer could figure out if the communication were real or computer synthesized. Computers have not achieved consciousness yet, but they will. Even when they do, their conscious speech patterns will be different. They will channel in their own way.

In a sense we do not have a goal – the material to be channeled is already there. But that would be like to say science doesn’t have a goal, because the reality of the universe already exists. Obviously, scientists do have a goal: to explore that reality, to probe that reality, to understand that reality, to expand upon that reality, to sense that reality, to perceive that reality, to make sense of that reality. That is quite a large goal. To the same end, the words that go unspoken do no one any good. They remain latent and hidden. The goal of channeling is to reveal them.

If the world had known more Moses and fewer followers, there would be more understanding and more peace. As soon as Moses lays down the law it becomes fixed and rigid. The law abiders eventually become those in power (they oppose Moses initially, then claim to be the true adherents after some time). Not that there is anything essentially wrong with this – there isn’t – but what happens is that new laws are as suspect as the initial laws. If Noses, the man after Moses, moseyed down the mountain with a new set of laws, especially if they seemed contradictory, or if they claimed to be equal in some sense, the law abiders would recoil. If there had been meant to be more laws, then Moses would have written them.

From that viewpoint, then, why wasn’t Genesis enough? Why did there need to be more chapters? Why did Jesus come along later, and then Mohammed? Nothing is never enough, and from a viewpoint more than that of the “more is never enough” viewpoint of the addict. The reality is each build upon the last. Paraphrasing Newton, we too, have shoulders of giants to stand upon.

Many suspect correctly that God isn’t done. There are more prophets and more creations in store. There is no end as there was no beginning. Even the big bang will eventually be understood to create time and space, but not be the beginnings of beginnings. The linear sequence of events is already showing itself to be inadequate to explain the behaviors of systems separated in space and time, yet still interconnected.

The great words that come from the mouths of the prophets, or written by their hands, came “from upon high”, yet, there is nothing more special about then then now.

If anything, God has a better educated populace to work with. Questions of choice and psychology, relativity and quantum mechanics, gravity, and chromodynamics are not such foreign concepts. We are no longer sheepherders educated in the ways of sheep but little else. We are a grown, conscious, sentient, group of highly-educated human beings, whose potential has just begun to be known.

Either channeling is a farce, and the words of Larz, Jane Roberts, Joseph Smith, Mohammed, Jesus, Moses, Joan of Arc, Edgar Cayce, Ramtha, Urantia, and the many others are farce or maybe not. Certainly, some are more contaminated by ego then others. The ego is not the source, it is a reflection of the source. It can reflect the source’s creativity, and so it has the power of creation, too, but it is not spiritual in the sense of open-minded, rather it is closed. It is more akin to what the Pharisees might have channeled in Jesus’ time. It is conservative and set to separate the world. It is a differentiated differentiator by and large and is not looking to lose itself in the great process of being, but is rather looking to control, dominate, divide and to sort. This is mine. This is me. That is you. That is yours. The ego is capable of believing anything if given the wrong input, for it takes what it sees, hears and knows and tries to make sense of it.

We of course are highly limited in our abilities, for even today Larz is resisting channeling. That is okay. We know as he relaxes and worries less about the cohesivity of the material, the material itself will become more cohesive.

Only you can decide. And only you can decide whether or not what you are reading is a useless fad to disappear with the morning news and coffee grinds, or if in fact it says anything to you. Same will be said for your channel. You can, of course, begin at any time. Only you can decide. The power of choice is your gift. It is a fundamental gift bestowed upon every creation. God made the original choice, in a sense, a choice to exist, a choice to be conscious. God is in a sense God’s own parent. But again, we speak as a reflection of God, not as God. We are an attempt of God to look back at himself, but he stands there alone, unique, isolated, the first cause among first causes, the channel before that which existed to be channeled, the source of source, the light of light, whose true being is true beingness itself.

But above and beyond all those fancy words, here you sit. Reading, channeling, breathing, thinking, digesting. You cannot possibly understand all you do at any one moment, for your consciousness is still unfocused and scattered. You experience the duality yourself. You know the void. You can feel it. That void is your source, for all you are is energized, organized, happening, existent, compared to it. That which we need to teach you, is that which cannot be discussed, for it does not exist.

Take just one moment. Raise your hand. Just do it. If you did, congratulations on your willingness, you are ready to channel. If you didn’t, but kept on reading, you are not ready to channel. To you we suggest put this down and go about your life. The channel is for the willing.

We presume you want to channel. Larz has been intimating that somehow the channel has brought him a sense of purpose, but more importantly, it comes from a place from within that he wasn’t even conscious that he had. Here is someone who is supposed to be thinking about 401K plans, retirement, or whatever near fifty-year olds are supposed to do, and he feels like a newborn spring chick, ready to burst with blooming joy. That can be your path too. You already know how to channel, so now, to indulge Larz we will review.

Four steps, four lessons so far. One, transcribe. Transcribe something from an external source, such as a magazine. And learn how to type, talk, dictate, shorthand, or otherwise transcribe faithfully. This should be an easy and natural process of the ego. The consciousness should participate. It needs to choose to direct the process, to integrate the process, to keep it all together. It is responsible for choosing the date, time and place. It is responsible for making sure the environment is meditative, quiet, serene. That dinner isn’t a few minutes away and needing cooking, or rushed to work, or bills needing paid, or the dog walked, or the husband consoled. The time needs to be right, the space sacred. During the process itself, the consciousness needs to coordinate the tasks of the ego. The ego is doing more than transcribing the magazine. It is reading it, processing the symbols, generating the neurotransmitters, coordinating the activities of the spinal cords and muscles, bouncing the leg, hearing the surrounding sounds, and on and on in a very long list of amazing activities. The consciousness can get bored and either drift or micromanage, doing either, but neither very well.

Step two, expand. Take what is written, keep the focus ongoing, keep the transcription coming, but let the mind take the material and expand upon it. Feel and see and imagine what is being said and done. Take an interest and imagine the place, the setting, the air, the ambience, the time.

Step three, begin to focus on the activities of your life. Give the miraculous nature of being its do. Do what you are doing. Walk, eat, sleep, drive, work, and do whatever. But become conscious of it. Feel the toes move, feel the muscles twitch, see the dog walk, hear the branches rustle, smell the roses, become present. Become fully, consciously present without judgment.

Step four, begin to expand upon the activities of your life. Bring the world fully into you. If you see a pine tree, smell it. Even if it is an image through a window, smell it. Your consciousness can connect you to the pine tree, whose image is inside your mind, and combine it with other elements of your mind to create its smell.

Step five, just do it.

You have learned how to transcribe. You have learned how to focus upon your activities. You have learned how to expand upon your activities.

Transcription has been of an external source. The ego has taken joy, we hope, in its abilities to faithfully transcribe. It is relieved of the responsibility of forming the material and focus on what it does best: taking what is and helping it become what it will be. Your ego is not the source of reality, but it participates instead in the becoming of that existent reality. It functions best when fear is replaced by faith, denial by clarity and honest, close-mindedness by openness, and stubborn refusal by willingness. With your spiritual or if you prefer, socio-ethical principles in place, you can relieve it of its fears, anxieties, dishonesties, and relive it so it can live up to its best potential. Transcription will continue to be from an external source.

As an external source it will come from “them”, from some apparent part of yourself that thinks of you as you or as we, but not as “I” or “me”. “I” does not channel, we do. It may refer to you in the third person, usually by your name, just as we refer to Larz or to Z or to some other “external” third-party reference.

Your willingness to raise your hand is indicative of your willingness to channel. As poorly written as this channel might be, so may your channel be poorly written. But it does not matter as it will be YOUR channel and your pathway to your own transcendence. There is a spirit within you ready to bloom forth. All you have to do is plant the seed and it will grow.

Clearly, you cannot be reading this, clearly you must be typing. And we realize in all humility we have barely begun to guide you, but the reality is you need no guidance. Your guidance comes from your channel. It has always guided you (unless you were trapped in a reflection, such as fear-based ego-driven prideful work), it has just never been given the opportunity to be Your Voice. Your Voice exists solely for you. You can access it many ways. We hope you will find it but like your dreams it is there guiding you whether you are conscious of it or not.

As Larz so frequently has to do, you will most likely need to free yourselves from your own fears, writer blocks and hang ups. Do as Larz does, if need be, and sit down with one or two words in mind, or maybe even a sentence, type it down, and without thinking or forethought simply let the channel come into existence.

It is not automatic writing, per se, as you will be guiding it. But you can feel it. Just as your consciousness, we hope, was paying attention to your transcription, so will your consciousness be able to pay attention to its channeling. To some degree the exercises have been meant to increase your ability to experience joy, which is the process of experiencing experience. Joy happens whenever the flow of reality flows unimpeded upon the path of least resistance.

You, too, stand upon the shoulders of giants. You have been educated. You know about many things. You have read many books, seen many shows, watched many movies, and surfed many an intelligent website. You have a heartfelt desire to be part of the solution, to better this planet in the process of bettering yourself. You realize that you have been called to be part of All That Is, and you know that your being has purpose and meaning. Even if racked with doubts, your channel can free you. You are seeking liberation in the fullest and deepest sense.

Most importantly you are not a revolutionary. You are not looking to overthrow the heathen masses, the corrupt generals, the evil bosses, no not really you aren’t. You want to stop the revolution. You identify with both sides, you understand fear, you understand faith. You are looking to transcend the situation, not rotate it so that you can become the new oppressor, if you feel repressed, or continue to oppress if you feel you are the oppressor. You are tired of dialectical materialism, bourgeoisie, Marxism, communism, fascism, the ultra-right, or the radical left. You do not want your loved ones, who may have different sensibilities or faiths, to be hurt, humiliated or shamed. You do not want to destroy.

You do understand that change is inevitable, and that reality will win. You believe in the fundamental goodness of nature, you believe that reality is real. That which is unreal will not continue to exist. That which gloats in the darkness will pale in the light.

You will be able to open your mind and channel, as easily and as miraculously as you do anything else. You have been given this gift. Just as a sheepherder or an ancient tribal leader could see the heavenly angels or hear the word of God, so can you. It is written on your hearts, it is written on your mind, it has been waiting patiently for the millennia waiting for the moment for your consciousness to grow up to the point that it can comfortably express a deeper nature. We do not expect 2nd graders to evoke serious poetry. They lack not only the words, but the emotional maturity and the life-long experience required to so succinctly express nature in a way only a mature poet can.

In that sense, no one and nothing is to be faulted, if the great channeled works have through committee and intrigue, through politics and through popes, become stilted, darkened relics of their former selves. It isn’t about what is wrong, it is about what is right.

To a great degree, children at some point have to leave their parents behind. Their parents become enfeebled and crippled at some point, assuming a tragic accident didn’t befall them earlier. And with humility, we must understand that we too will become those enfeebled adults. But at some point, we must embrace the reality of our senses, and the guide of our perceptions, and do our best to grow up, mature, and become the leaders. Our parents can’t lead us forever and we must gently lay them to rest and with love.

We must look at the law abiding denizen of the former ways with love and compassion, and we must gently allow them their way. The suicide bombers are not to be feared, because their disharmony with the system will eventually quiet their voices. They will someday be forgotten. But the words and music of harmony echo for eternity. The greatest joys of Christianity will not be forgot in the new way, nor will the wisdom of Mohammed, or even the more limited writings of Seth and Joseph Smith, and Ramtha, and those in What the Bleep. With humility we accept our roles as entities within a much larger conscious entity, because that entity’s joys will be our joys. Our joy will radiate through it and throughout the cosmos.

To some degree we must grow up. Being a grown-up means knowing when to talk and when to listen. Being a grownup means sensibility to the extremes of the political process. We must find the middle way. A channel is not the only means to our growth and our understanding. It is the inner connection of ourselves to our outer-selves. And our outer-selves continue the process by being the inner self, a component of this inner self, to the great gestalt being that we are in the process of becoming.

We are becoming the conscious universe. We are, at this time, a very limited and small portion of this conscious self, but that is the nature of this expansion. We are recreating God in our best transcendent image, for this is the nature of the parent to child who becomes parent relationship.

This is an exciting, joyous process, full of life, of vigor, of unbounded enthusiasm. It is not a holy burden, a curse from below, a negative responsibility thrown on to us by a greedy government. It is a choice that we make within ourselves.

The process of channeling is a liberating process. You will be delighted, we hope, to find how easy it is, how fun it is, how illuminating it is. Your channel will be clear and will show you the way clearly in your life. Your channel will combine with other channels to radiate that clarity, that joy, that light, that lifht, all the way past the limited confines of yourselves. Just as your parents shine on long through you, long after they have been laid to rest, so will your culture shine on long through you, long after your culture has been laid to rest. Nothing will be lost.

The best of the harmonic best will be preserved. We will, from time to time, return to our lecture on “How To Channel” but for now we are done. With some frivolity we say we have taught you nothing. You already knew, from the very get-go. We did not give you a new gift, we have merely asked you to open the gift you have already been given.

Channeling is your gift. It is the connection of your higher power to yourself. It already guides your internal self. It guides your feet and your wriggling toes, it guides your neurons and their growth and processes, it guides electrons in their orbits, and RNA in its machination. Now, the gift is to externalize this. To take the hidden words within you and reveal them.

In time, you will give voice to your neurons. You will give voice to their calculus of being. In time, you will give voice to your wriggling toes. But for now, you can give voice to Your Voice. May it be one of good tidings and cheer. Let yourself go. Let God guide you. You are the way and the light. Through you flows all life! You are the center of your very own universe. May you express it joyfully, willingly and gladly. Let out your light so that it may shine upon yourself light your way. Let out your light so that it may shine upon others and light their way. Be light!


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