Is God done?

Many suspect correctly that God isn’t done. There are more prophets and more creations in store. There is no end as there was no beginning. Even the big bang will eventually be understood to create time and space, but not be the beginnings of beginnings. The linear sequence of events is already showing itself to …

The Gift of Channeling

Channeling is your gift. It is the connection of your higher power to yourself. It already guides your internal self. It guides your feet and your wriggling toes, it guides your neurons and their growth and processes, it guides electrons in their orbits, and RNA in its machination. Now, the gift is to externalize this. …

Be Light!

In time, you will give voice to your neurons. You will give voice to their calculus of being. In time, you will give voice to your wriggling toes. But for now, you can give voice to Your Voice. May it be one of good tidings and cheer. Let yourself go. Let God guide you. You are the way and the light. Through you flows all life! You are the center of your very own universe. May you express it joyfully, willingly and gladly. Let out your light so that it may shine upon yourself light your way. Let out your light so that it may shine upon others and light their way. Be light!

Channel’s Z0769 & Z0770 – Santa Blahs

We are exactly here, we are exactly where we are, yet we are lost, for here and now are but abstractions that are but signposts to a larger reality we cannot yet envision, that truly our partnership has just begun, that truly our quest for entrance into a larger world will be done at the pace the universe sees fit, that we can accept our limitations, our place in space and time, and know that a childlike wonder awaits us still as we discover the true miracle of our new-age Santa Claus, hiding somewhere in the myths of our youth.