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The Abortion

Yesterday, I was poking around the web, came across an interesting blog on abortion (well, more like pro-choice vs pro-life), then was stunned at the end to see a reference back to my blog where I wrote on the same topic.

Today, I was listening to an NPR blogcast on The Abortion, written by the same guy who wrote Trout Fishing in America, which I read in high school, but don’t remember, and I thought, “Wow, that’s a coincidence” but the story is really about a library where writers bring their unpublished books, to be entered into a log and then they can place the book anywhere they want in the library. That’s even more a coincidence. That really is the conclusion of this Santa-themed blog written ten years ago. As for Trout’s Library? No one ever reads books there.

And, that’s our blog world, isn’t it? Finally, here is the internet, a place where anybody can publish. We post, but who reads? The loud obnoxious tweets and racist tweetstorms get most the attention, but the rest of our works, the works worth reading I bet, are “Writer? Your Table of One is Ready.” And that’s okay.

I’ll link back to the web article I read yesterday (I have to find it again) and I’m committed to reading more works out there.


So now we have yet another unexpected awareness, but not really that unexpected, and that is regardless of the mechanism of the generation of this material – which we should say we are open to finding out exactly what that might be – the reality is that our material is heartfelt and not some weirdness or lameness.

Now, what we are really referring to is our ego and our comparison to other channels we have found on the web. And the real point wasn’t and isn’t “are we better than them?” for a life spent in comparison is not a life spent at all. The reality is that when we breathe our air, drink our fluids, lie in our bed, eat our food, wipe our bum, and so on, we are experiencing our own life and it is not a l… not a life relative to any other being’s life but our own. And so fundamentally it doesn’t matter if our channel is greater than or lessor than in some measurable sense. Like being tall, we only know our tallness for what it is, do perceive advantages at times, but know of other times where we are obscuring the view of a shorter person behind us at the theatre. That is, tallness is good or bad, relative to any given situation, and this is thinking in black and white terms. But at least what our cursory comparison does tell us is that we can now rest assured that whatever it is we are producing is worthy of placement on an information device, the internet, that is full of every which way material, and ours is but another drop into the bucket. Now, on to more interesting items.

We have also been experiencing a shift in our relations to our entertainment. In addition to watching several movies with similar things, we also have been watching TV shows that have issues that we ourselves have contemplated, and our contemplation affects what it is we are watching, and what we are watching affects our contemplation. It is these sorts of nonlinear and generally positive effects that it is we are trying to generate by posting our web online. Or our material onto the web is what we meant. Now as we relax and allow ourself to be tired, we can perhaps get to the point we need to make.

Earlier we realized that it is more than religion needs science and science needs religion, because they don’t. Both of those institutions proceed regardless of any particular individual’s need for either or feeling about either or both. But we ourself are the ones who need both. We need value and purpose. The sceptic we were reading, a San Diego PhD graduate of UCSD of some time ago is negative about most everything it seems. He seems to have devoted his life to “what’s wrong”. Take his strong criticism of the Seth material. We, too, realize that most likely much of it is false but then again in the long run most things are proven false anyway. We are certain now that earth is spherical but even that is predicated on our belief and understanding of space and time. Although we are closer to some great truth, surprises might be in store and for all we know we’ll discover that the spherical nature was but a stepping stone from flat to an even larger reality that fully encompasses a deeper and more profound understanding of what planet earth really is.

To that end, our issue is not whether the sceptic is right, because most certainly he is in a way, but the point is like our recent points about Christianity and Santa Claus, in general, and that is in spite of not being physically true, both systems have a deeper underlying truth to them that are important to grasp. Our philosopher sceptic can easily point out to a four-year-old that Santa Claus isn’t real, or perhaps we should wait a couple of years until six or so and scar the child for life. Let us point out while we are at it that the system of government is flawed, that reality is probably nothing like it is being taught, and that the religion of his family is untrue, his parents are bigots and ignorant, and so on. While we are at it, let us point out the great and grave failings of such sceptic, and now, phew! Let us take a breath and come back to reality and our point. What we felt there for a moment was the ecstatic pulse of proving something or somebody wrong. But, the truth is for a young child, the miracle of Santa Claus is a blessed event and one to be treasured and cherished and we hope that this sceptic was not so cruel as to expose his tender children to the harsh lie of Santa Claus without being able to simultaneously show his children that in spite of being a lie, it is nevertheless true. That is, as we say repeating ourself from a few days ago, the true miracle of Christmas and Santa Claus is the spiritual reality behind the gift giving. In a sense, we are honoring the actor’s old adage that they use lies and subterfuge – make believe acting to be precise – to tell a very real truth.

For instance, when we are seeing a theatre production, we are very conscious that the people on stage are actors, that the sink they are shaving in front is not a real sink, that they really aren’t shaving, but the nick on the skin from the razor, as fake as it is, is put there as a prop to tell a deeper story. And so, as we said with Santa, the true loving parent teaches their child the beauty and mystery of gift giving, of creating magical, cherished moments, of family bonding and such not, and this has nothing to do with some dry and sterile psychological view of a healthy family winning the approval of a latter day psychologist signing off on the family’s collective health. But rather, there really is something called life that is beautiful and miraculous and wonderful and mysterious, and that part of our responsibility as creators is to create such for those we can. Man can create. Some of the creation is as mysterious as the formation of life and the universe itself. We can create new life. We can choose to copulate, and this choice can lead to a biological miracle. Now, of course, following our train of thought, there is nothing about this miracle that won’t eventually be explained in terms of mathematical equations, perhaps wave functions guiding the various elements and electrons and photons in their physical and chemical and biological courses so that a human being is completely and rationally constructed according to true and dull and dry “dead” properties of matter, but this then is to miss the real miracle which is regardless of the source, life is a miracle and that we are conscious of our own existence and ability to procreate only adds to the mystery of the miracle, and like the sullen teenager who has a dour view on all of life because of their discovery of the lie of Santa Claus, we simply have to trust that they may in time rediscover the real miracle, of which mom & dad’s gift giving was only a prop.

In the same way then, this sceptic may have correctly surmised the man behind the curtain guiding the hand as some Wizard of Oz pulling cosmic energy strings. Certainly Jane Roberts was a wannabee published writer and poet, but, whether or not the works of Seth are some elaborate self-delusional fantasy that will eventually be understood and explained away by our rational, but dour and bitter skeptical scientist friends, does not alter the message itself and that is in spite of the Oversoul Seven and Lumerian and Atlantean and Sumerian elements, which may be nothing more than psychological fantasies, above and beyond that is the miracle of the words and some of the great truths behind them. Jane Roberts, who really wasn’t extraordinarily schooled, produced some miraculous works, and if a child points out the Emperor’s Clothes Are Not Real, that in fact the emperor is quite naked, the fact that it was a child speaking this does not alter the truth.

Although it has been twenty or more years since we ourselves have read the Seth books, this does not alter the impact they made on our life which was at least here was something other than the Bible that had some reasonable things to say. Oh yes, like the bible we have to overlook certain uncomfortable, or shall we say Gorian {?} Inconvenient Truths, but just as the Bible had beautiful words for us growing up, so did Seth have beautiful words for us in those early days of Graduate School. We, too, like Mister, or is that Doctor Sceptic, too. We have our good GPA from Stanford and Berkeley and our perfect 4.0 at the University we most recently attended in Molecular Biology.

But even here, notice our point. We immediately felt a stirring of anger towards this sceptic and some form of academic rivalry and pride form. Our ego was immediately alerted, and we ourselves are brought back to the reality that we do not channel to save the world, we channel to save ourself. We make no money, no one reads our website, and our friends stare at us with bored and glassy eyes whenever we force upon them an hour, no not even that, five minutes of reading. Two or three friends have tolerated our words, our boyfriend listens kindly but says we talk gibberish, and the only one who really has ever responded at all favorably was our father, which of all people we thought was going to be the most opposed given his strongly fundamental Christian background. But there it is that background, and a very real belief in God and spirit that bridged our understanding and so strangely our channel has brought us close to a man we were never sure we were close to. And now we know, it is like father, and like son.

And so now, even here, we realize that we are not fully able to explain our use of “we”. Although we channel fully, alike in this moment of time, where the words flow so fast, we cannot even keep up with the typing, we know that we are an entity and our boundaries and borders do not stop at the edge of our skin. Our thoughts comingle with that of Einstein and Newton and Aristotle and the Sceptic, not because we are occupying some sort of Jungian Collective Consciousness in this case, where “all are one” and we are channeling Einstein. Good heavens no. Rather, we understand that ideas themselves have a type of life and meaning, that information is somehow alive, and that the words of Aristotle still echo throughout our system even though he has been dead for thousands of years. It is the ideas and the consciousness behind those ideas that transcends our own petty lives and so we must take to heart and remember our own lessons.

We are here to free ourselves, and perhaps this may or may not free others, guide others, and help others, but that is not our purpose or our point. Our goal is to find a way out of the darkness, to create a great light, and to use it to see into places we have not even imagined of. We are on a journey together, a blessed journey, and we should only extend kindness and well-wishes to others, be they skeptical of us, bored with us, done with us, contemptuous with us, or in love with us. We are just a small parcel and snippet of the universe bouncing around in a quiet office in a quiet town. We are just consciousness experiencing life, creating life, we are the way and the lifht, and to that we offer a heartful “Amen!” but more importantly a cheery “woo-hoo” for the universe is good and we know it to be so. Woo hoo!


Note: I think “Gorian” refers to Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” …
And the other blogger I was referring to is @JeffLeeB999

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