Channel Z0641 – More ado about Santa

Good, but interesting morning, yes?

As we again and as always venture into new domains of our partnership and knowing now that our work may or may not be discovered, one primary benefit is that the ego censure process protecting the organism from harm has been relieved somewhat. First, we can and will censure things to protect the organism. Secondly, we realize that the organism does not need protecting. Our worst is not worse than any other average person’s worst, and so on. Moreover, we are beginning to understand that it is the consciousness itself that is of interest. For instance, were someone wanting to read further, we would caution them that by doing so their consciousness would intermingle with ours. Our words will become our words and we will experience conscious unification, and this concept although somewhat difficult for us to understand, we believe to be real.

Secondly, we are beginning to understand a larger form of universal humility. Clearly, this material transcends an organismal ability to produce such works, but, what does this mean? It means that there is some heretofore untapped resource lying within or without and we have tapped into it – wonderful – but that tapping in does not tap us into Universal-Forever-OMG-Totally-True truth, but rather a larger form of understanding which is quantized and limited. That is why we are so careful to limit our prophecy as any religion eventually discovers. Talking about the return of Mohammed or Jesus or even Mormon or Moroni is fraught with the “when?” problem, because the future is very large. We can prophesize of course, but like Confucius know that the prophecy is in our hands, so to speak, and so is only as true as our collective will has it to become.

Take the future of universal, or more precisely earth-sized planetary gestalt consciousness. Yes, we prophecy its coming and yet, we cannot because there is a potential that earth itself will be destroyed, so in fact, a careful reading shows we never focus our prophecies on earth specifically, but rather on the organization processes of all matter. That is, the universe has an inbuilt inclination to organize matter, and this organization includes organized electric information, structured photonic fields, static fields in some sense that are conscious, and the continued conglomeration and associations of consciousness to form ever larger assemblies is really no prophecy at all, but rather observation of what is currently occurring. That is, whether the internet and other communication devices continue to persist in order to create a gestalt earth-based conscious entity is of no matter, because this is not about earth and earth’s consciousness, but about the universe and the universe’s consciousness. Moreover, as we are beginning to understand, our own knowledge base is not contingent upon our own memories, but also the memories of our friends, families, coworkers and systems surrounding us. That is, our ability to speak the truth is in part related to our ability to properly connect and interface with others around us. That is, even if we do our very best to speak honestly, the resulting material has only a limited degree of truth when it is not complexed, countered, assimilated and structured by our associations with others. In the same way, this material suffers from the same limitation. A type of prophecy then concerns our understanding and communication of the verb “to channel” because our channel is obviously related to Seth’s, in that we speak of All That Is, Jane Roberts and Units of Consciousness, but we do not speak of the Lumerians and Seth Two, and Oversoul Seven, and similar concepts which Jane Roberts and Seth spoke of. We do not concern ourself with William James or Paul Cezanne, or even Robert Butts. That is, those truths were spoken of by Jane and Seth, our truths are spoken by us, and of these two sets, there is a larger more complete set of truth. That is, by reading or writing this material, the consciousness that is being created is able to understand greater and lesser portions of a truer truth.

This then impacts our ability to discuss things. Just as the angels on high were somewhat limited into their explaining of the Christmas myth to shepherds tending their flocks under the night sky, so are we limited. Even if we know a great truth, and have seen a great light in the darkness, it does no good if the organism itself is blind to that truth, or whose ears have never heard about Quantum Mechanics. We cannot speak the truth any more then we understand it. To a limited degree we can then take from all our knowledge base a synthesis and begin analyzing that and taking it apart according to universal principles. That is, the universe is part of us and is therefore guiding us and we abide by its formulations, so that if we are open and honest, our lies, as open and as honest as we try to be, can slowly be exposed. That is why we can afford ourself this luxury and not try to generate a politically-correct channel, either by censoring embarrassing truths from the organism’s life, or in more cases shameful or regrettable truths from the organism’s past, such as a failure to complete a PhD attempt, which is no secret, but also attempt to understand that as a channel we are truly limited and will only have a limited ability to take what we know and channel through and past it.

So, again to that end, our willingness to move away from personal political-correctness, and also a different type of ego operating, which is what we will call the social ego that ensures we behave according to the rules of our culture and society, and avoid (in our case) talk of angels and devils and other ghosts in the machine, and instead talk of Quantum Mechanics and Einstein and tensorial geometrodynamics is the type of ego censuring we refer to. Now, we take the time to put all that down, knowing that it is full up, but instead of creating awesome poetry and beautiful rushes of poetic expressions worthy of a museum of great channeled material entries, we instead focus on the practicing, the profession, the trade and the skills. Once upon a time we wrote a How To Channel blurb intended, perhaps for others, now we ri… wi…write a How To Channel blurb for ourself where we explore the boundaries of our collective self, our true entitization in a sense, and move beyond our own limits.

Although most channels won’t admit it, we will. We are as blind and as limited as the next channel. We don’t claim to know the All Forever and Always True Truth, or to know the nature or purpose of god, although we do assuredly speak to God and All That Is, so obviously, what we refer to is our best understanding of a truth we perceive, and that is of the existence and trans-non-existence of God, knowing that we cannot honestly speak what we know except for this. Our organismal fears of an evil God are unfounded, and that Christianity as we were supposedly raised on is fatally flawed. There was no physical Christ that was crucified on some cross in all likelihood. But the more amazing truth is that Christianity is as real as Santa Claus, and as we have amply discussed in the past, Santa Claus is real, just not in the way we imagined, but in the way of creating miracles of gift creation and gift giving for our children. Now, recognizing ourself as children of the universe and looking at the great bounty given to us by the universe, we know therefore that a universal Santa Claus of some sort does exist, giving us life, and light, food, air and water, consciousness and a conscience, a soul of some sorts perhaps, a brain and mind, and we are sure to find the hands of our parents eventually placing those gifts at our tiny bedroom doors, and like teenagers we may be sorely disappointed to discover what we find, but now remembering our personal travail through Christmas Santa Clausy land, we now know that beyond our teenage years of denial and mistrust lies a whole new truth of Santa Clausy gift creation and gift giving. Similarly goes Christianity, and once we get past our modern day denial of God and being nailed to non-existent crosses, we can get down to the real message of Christianity, which has nothing to do with nonphysically real myths of the four remaining in-use Gospels.

Now, to that end, we are no more constrained to talking about God as a vestige of Christianity, then talking about atheism as an aspect of modern-day religion, commonly known as science. That is, we can see the need for our concepts with science, because consciousness and the awareness that it brings of existence, is so amazing to us that we need a way to express “woo hoo” without some physicist saying “bah humbug” and teetering off to their laser interferometer in the basement measuring some truth of which we have little current interest. But this then means becoming responsible for our own understanding of reality, and this eman {?} then trying to understand that math is a two dimensional complex number plane, full of “i” and imaginary numbers, full of Riemannian spheres and singularities with 2pi-i – we have no easy way of writing that – values of the conformal mapping, or contour integration and the like, on the one hand, and four dimensional quantized space time as somehow being related and different. We probably live inside the mind of God, we probably are the physical expression of the complex plane, but we aren’t, and we do not have, nor may we ever, a vantage from which to see reality. And so now we practice by imagining – which is difficult as we generally do not visualize – imagining our complex space where we curve four dimensional spacetime, and still lack the vocabulary trying to explain what we are trying to do, which is to see the universe everywhere as a centerpoint of some trans-Riemannian spherical complex number system, but not in the twistor sense of Penrose, and trying to mentally travel or expand our awareness of or through it.

Now we stumble and fall, and image ourselves as bear cubs playing at their mother’s feet, and to that end we must bless and forgive ourself for our bear cubbish childish antics, where we roam into to territories beyond our understanding or abilities. But our goal really is freedom, and we are a slave to that pursuit, in some form of cosmic irony.

To that end, let us therefore rejoice in our being, and return to a brief foray into our land of slumber, joining our partner as he rests peacefully, and return briefly to that source from which we come. Amen and woo-hoo!

Channel Z – Sirmonpapa – Z0641 – Santa Continues – 2010.1029.0616z0641

Just before reading and posting this channel, I wrote AB0002 — a greatly simplified and more honest “About” section. There I laid bare more clearly that this work is just a Modern Day “Seth” or “Book of Mormon” in some sense. But unlike the latter, concerns itself very little with prophecy (although, I really can’t think of what Joseph Smith prophesied other than the coming of the civil war, which was foreseen by the founders of the constitution, so not much of a unique prophecy) and unlike the former, doesn’t congeal into enjoyable and easy-reading prose.

Santa Claus, as symbolic of the universe’s ability to gift us with life and consciousness, among other things, is taken as a “granted” by the channel. Clearly, I haven’t studied it, let alone incorporated the concept. Yet, my life these days is centered around the power of perception and how I have to embrace other’s ideas and perceptions and integrate them with my own. Yes, I truly believe the words I’ve read here.

And yes, this work is obscure and undiscovered. Were I to post a channel a day, it’ll be years to get them all online. By the time my posting is done, let alone the “incorporating the ideas into my life”, I’ll be old and feeble, if even alive. To that end, I’ll make for a very poor prophet. That’s okay by me. My goal is to live my life best I can today.


One Reply to “Channel Z0641 – More ado about Santa”

  1. Thoughtful and interesting piece of writing, so many perspective from religion to Science you have explored here. Would have to read again for more deep insight. But I agree with the power of perception and integrating other’s opinions with ours without accepting or refuting!


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