Santa Claus is real and the universe is him – Channel Z0606

Now, apparently the fun has stopped. We came in to sit down in our well-lighted room today, and just now, after being in here for practically thirty minutes, notice for the first time the dim yellow light across the way, but instead of looking forward to more frivolity in our office chair scientist’s command station, we dread the idea of mentioning the light for fear that what we are doing is similar to some yahoo challenging the church order way back wan. We fear being labeled heretic, although the response of scientists probably wouldn’t be to condemn but rather ostracize us. We aren’t serious scientists, don’t understand what we are talking about, are crazy, new age, discountable, metaphysicists and calling “time” time is not part of our repertoire. But that isn’t our point is it? Are we truly here to gain respectability from some unknown audience? If we want scientific respect, then we should declare ourself a Scientist and act accordingly: finish our PhD at long last, publish our carefully formulated plans, actualities and ideas in a respected journal and garnish that respect we so desire. But if our goal is to have fun, then let’s have fun. And, as we’ve said, why should we leave all the scientific fun out there to the scientists and the religious fun to the priests and popes? They don’t have the market on fun cornered, and the reality is that they don’t have the market on reality cornered either. Truth is the priests probably don’t know God any better than we do, and hopefully they and we at least have enough humility to respect each other’s (probably wrong) views and similarly we should have enough humility to realize that, as far as we know, no one knows the true nature and purpose of this universe, including the most respectable, most esteemed of all scientists. Yes, very much we respect the priests’ many years dedication to religion, theology and spirituality, and likewise we respect the laser-like focus and schooling of the dedicated scientist, but frankly at this point in our life, we haven’t the temperament, the time, the energy, the space, or the material, to successfully pursue either course of life, instead we are on our own.

From a more serious point of view, both the priest and the scientist are part of a powerful system. The system governs the very thoughts that are thinkable. While an idea bordering perhaps on the heretical, we mean this most emphatically and also most lovingly. So what if a scientist is part of a particular scientific school of thought? That school has been remarkably successful at thinking and from it continues to spin out matters of global and local importance. We benefit greatly from that school of thought. But the very act of thinking changes our thoughts and as our thoughts change, our thinking changes. There is a type of momentum to thinking itself and once certain thoughts are entertained, it is difficult to go back. Santa Claus is our perennial favorite metaphor or analogy here to what it is that we mean. Once we discover and appreciate the immense truth behind it, we come to realize as children at some point that Santa Claus was a magical farce perpetrated by parents and society at large. We normally feel a great disappointment and perhaps a shattering of belief systems once we discover that truth, and perhaps go on to be bitter and question our naivety to begin with. How could we be so gullible as to believe those happy Christmas mornings from years before where we waited with glee to discover a beautiful gift under the tree? But the reality is Santa Claus was very real for us up to that point, and if we are lucky, we will go on, with some difficulty, to rediscover and recreate that magic for our children. Not that Santa Claus is real, but that the magic behind him is very real. For at its most fundamental level, this Universe is Santa Claus. It brings us into being, regardless of our religion or creed as to that mechanism or miracle, and it gives us life and consciousness and being and joy, and fear and darkness and death, too. All of that, even the latter scary dark stuff, is really quite miraculous and quite magical at its core. More importantly, we rediscover within ourself the joy we once experienced when we see the magic of a child’s eyes upon discovering that magical moment under the Christmas tree on that miraculous morning.

Scientists are now not unlike children whom have discovered Santa Claus is a farce but have not yet understood or recreated the magic and the miracle behind that farce. Many scientists grow up believing in a miraculous and beautiful world, but at some point the religion of our father’s seems to be exposed for what it seems to be—an empty lie—and we are left not knowing God and certainly not believing in Him, but find ourself bitter and left in a mechanistic cold uncaring universe, where survival of the fittest, dog eat dog, nihilism and existential angst seem to be the only sure realities, that we come from nothing, come from the dust and return to nothing and return to the dust, with barely fifteen minutes of fame under our belt. Perhaps we never make those fifteen minutes ever. Even the most successful and famous among us age and wither and are eventually buried or burned/cremated and forgotten. All is meaningless nothing and we are meaningless dribble and these words are trifle blowing in the wind. How incredibly sad! Only the most deluded simpletons could possibly go around right now believing that what they do is meaningful, and that the smile on their face is more than an idiotic farce. Look around! The world is decaying, dying, and these are the ends of times. Global warming and ozone holes, genetic engineering and nuclear weapons, mass extinctions and pollution, greed and corruption, a media out of control, hatred incarnate at every level, of what point is anything? And so, the scientist may go on to hole up in some laboratory somewhere, hoping that their minuscule contribution to the nature of things, such as perhaps our feeble attempt to crystallize the AppA protein from Rhodobacter sphaeroides may, somehow, be of some small, but lasting significance.

Frankly, we are here to turn all that nonsense on its head. The reality is we do live in a gorgeous and beautiful universe, and nothing that occurs in this universe is fundamentally evil, wrong, destructive, devilish, hateful and so on. We have tried, however poorly, to communicate the idea that there is only good, however little, and only positivity, that evil does not exist, and that there are points of view that can transcend our petty misunderstandings of what appears to be the most grievous horrific crimes, and that this point of view is larger than that of Pollyannaish nonsense, head in the sands, out of touch with reality, but something much larger and more grand. We have offered up ideas on judgment and on eliminating crime and prison, and we have tried to offer personal advice to the organism itself on how to grow as a human being.

No, today, we have not talked about light and time in any degree, because we ourself are the very resistance to the light and the idea. We are a material being and in a way the light still stops with us. Our growth does not stop and waits for no man, nor for no writing like this.

Now, across the way, we notice the dim porchlight has turned off, but hopefully a light has shone within our stubborn noggin. We aren’t here to replace science, who would want that, nor are we here to poopoo and replace religion, we as a society need that too, and for now it is the best that we have. Instead we are here to play with our trinkets and enjoy musing about the nature of All That Is, because we are made of that very stuff and built into us, somehow, is the knowledge of what we are, who we are, where we come from, what we are to do, how we find purpose and meaning and how to experience joy and to discover the joy and the magic and the miracle that lies beyind, within, beneath, over, and throughout all existence. We are here to free ourself in whatever miniscule and momentary way we can, so that we can sing to the world that all is not lost, that there is a new way, that we are the way and the light, that the kingdom is here, and that that which we so long for has been waiting here patiently for us, willing and open, and most importantly of all, that Santa Claus is real and the universe is him.

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