Channel Z0642 – Santa Claustrophobic

We are here to free ourselves, and perhaps this may or may not free others, guide others, and help others, but that is not our purpose or our point. Our goal is to find a way out of the darkness, to create a great light, and to use it to see into places we have not even imagined of. We are on a journey together, a blessed journey, and we should only extend kindness and well-wishes to others, be they skeptical of us, bored with us, done with us, contemptuous with us, or in love with us.

A Teenager’s Xmas – Channel Z0611

All will be okay, now and forever. The universe can contain our teenage antics and we need not worry about the destruction of the universe for it cannot be destroyed. We need not worry about the antics of the priests and the technicians, the scientists and the politicians, for all is good and all is great, and although we cannot prove this, we don’t need to, for we have seen a great light in the darkness, and that light has illuminated our way.

Becoming Santa: Z0362

We have a great gift, and we wish to share it with the world. We truly are the way and the light. We have found the kingdom of heaven and he is here, He is reborn, we are born anew. The gift of the spirit knows no time, is bounded by no space. He is everywhere and nowhere, and he walks among us still. We are being baptized into the new faith, and we have come to transcend our old ways. We have not come to destroy, but to create. For we are the way and the light, we are the ones on the good and holy path. And this is a gift for us all. Amen!