Fear not, and celebrate in joy, we say.

Hi All :@)

It’s been a little while, hasn’t it?, and I’ve missed you and missed blogging. But, here I am and here we are. 

A couple of weeks ago, I wanted to find something in Channel Z on something, can’t even remember what, and here is Z0171. I actually found what I wanted in some other channel, but I’m tired of pretending I can figure things out. We are all here to do what we are here to do, and we all have to get there together… or something like that. The Matrix, right? Anyways, I’ve highlighted the couple of paragraphs that seemed relevant at the time… it’s way at the bottom.


Channel Z0171
We are in the promised land of our forefathers, not wandering aimlessly in the desert…

Z0171. Wednesday Afternoon, April 23rd, 2008. 1245pm.

Here we sit looking out the window, a UPS truck driving by, in the parking lot across the way. Nothing new, nothing not ordinary. Just another day. Off to work we go soon, and another day of listening and helping customers and potential and former customers. All in a days work.

Before channeling you listened to a voice that mentioned “we do not have to reinvent the wheel.” You felt compelled to write that as the opening statement, but instead of channeling immediately, you decided to spend a few minutes rereading in the process of editing your previous channel. You were surprised to see that phrase there. That is why you were compelled to read before channeling, something you do not ordinarily do. Because part of you knew that was written and the point was already made. Yes, we do stand on the shoulders of giants. Our best phrases are already spoken, the best ideas already created. There is more going on in science then we can ever hope to illuminate from our own point of view, and we take comfort and solace that we do not reinvent the wheel, come up with some new bizarre story of creation. The stories we have are sufficiently bizarre already. We instead view creation as a continuous process. Not necessarily in the physical sense of Hoyle and adherents, but certainly in a physically literal sense. Perhaps we’ll discuss that the universe comes in and out of being a gazillion times per moment. That this universe is really a collection of snapshots connected by consciousness, but that isn’t our point today. The point today is to use the tools that we have at our disposal.

While learning a language naturally is an ideal way to learn, we don’t always have that choice. We learned what our parents taught us, and if they didn’t know Christianity, or Russian, or much about ancient Chinese literature, than chances are we don’t know much either. Perhaps we know alot about football or hockey, or maybe we speak Greek. As adults we do not have the opportunity to be physical children again, although we can be childlike in spirit and youthful in appearance. We have to learn a new way. We already think a certain way, and while we are opening to thinking a new way, we realize it is a process and may not occur immediately.

Most importantly we are developing courage. Even though we stand on the shoulders of giants to gain a better view, we bring our tools and our giants along with us as gentle beasts to do our bidding. We are both interested in being where we are, but also charting a course into the unknown of our becoming. We feel fear, if we are honest. Who wants to grow up? A life of play and make believe, of cops and robbers, and princes and science fiction tales is so preferable to the roughshod days of an adult. Who wants to pay bills? Be responsible? Who wants to have to leave the comfort of our familiar systems and ideas behind and invent something new? We’re lazy. We’d rather eat out, but sometimes we tired of the greasiness or the expense, and we don’t feel good about ourselves. So we go shopping and we start cooking, and we gain some self respect and a smaller waistline or bigger shoulders in the process. We start doing for ourselves and do not spend so much wasted time lamenting the lack of restaurants that cook and serve exactly what we want, the way we want. Maybe our tastes are too individual, maybe our needs too specific.

We do not want to leave behind the comforts of our religions and belief systems. Who would? We feel fear, it is scary to go off on a journey with nothing but a suitcase full of hope and faith. But that is the adventure we are embarking upon.

Religion has failed us. From the days of the Pharisees to the Fundamentalists today we hear pronouncements of good cheer and love, but we see condemnation and judgement. This does not make sense to us. We hear of a God who one minute seems to be a loving and benevolent father, the next and angry and vengeful God full of wrath. We are loved and reviled at the same time. This confuses us, and so we let it go. We don’t let it go out of bitterness and anger, we don’t loudly proclaim its wrongness for us, we don’t have bumper stickers that say “Hate the Others!” . We know if we do, we have already lost our way and are better off quietly going back to church and sit in the back pew with our head held low, begging for forgiveness and understanding. No, we leave through the front door, wagons packed, horses fed, and head out into the ol’ West into the great land of beyond where we look for a new homestead to settle.

Of course, ours is an invisible journey. We call upon a new source, a higher power from within to guide us, a universe without to guide us equally. We are the boundary between some inside spiritual force and place and some outside spiritual force and place. We perhaps do not understand in a way we can speak, words are not clear yet, nor are our ideas. We understand that these words, these particular words, are but an ongoing process of communication, all of us look to open to channel. Some may channel words through typing or words through speaking, or communicate via singing or dance. Or perhaps in our crafts, or even our psychological oneness and gentleness of spirit. We may channel through society and become leaders. But we are all in this together. We are the new way.

We avoid channeling topics that are too far removed from our experience. We discuss how to find serenity while driving. How to find financial security in a world of rising gas prices. We try to embrace and accept the technological cultural revolution as a good and joyous thing, wondering how we may survive in a world where all is known about everything. We may blog, or text message, and we clock in 9 to 5, and may for the rest of our life. Our journey may not take us farther then our backyard, or finances more than a thousand. It is not worldly wealth we seek, although that may come, it is finding that guide within.

We understand the principle of least resistance. We understand that is how molecules find their way from the top of the mountain to the bottom. But we aren’t tumbling down a mountain, gurgling along in a shady brook, we are going somewhere else, doing something else. Because we are something else. What, we aren’t sure. But everything in this universe is of this universe and everything of this universe is guided by universal laws. For that we take some relief. What works there will work here, once we learn how to apply it. So we strive to be as fluid as water hearing the call of the valley below to guide us. Our feelings guide us. Our senses guide us. Heat and cold guide us, street signs guide us. Company policies guide us and governmental decrees and laws guide us. We accept this guidance. We may formulate this guidance.

First and foremost we begin to write our own guidebooks. Why do our schools not teach classes on honesty, ethics, accountability, servanthood, leadership, caring, benevolence, grief, dealing with aging, the states of life, spiritual principles, God, atheism, Islam and Christianity? What do we need to know? What serves us and what does not? What do we serve and how do we serve? How can we be individuals and yet part of a larger whole? Do we lose our identity to our wholeness? How can our understanding transcend our limited perceptions and conceptions?

Similarly, taking perception and thought as the beginning place, and consciousness as the epitome of the experience, what is this inner world we have. Why is green green? The sky blue? How is it we are conscious and have a conscience? We may not know today, we may not ever know. But our lack of understanding or our ability to speak it does not diminish it. We realize that to be conscious is a miraculous gift, a something that for us creates joy and connection out of all our experiences and to all our experiences. We are not sure if we are a spiritual body having an earthly experience, or an earthly body having a spiritual experience. Maybe neither. Maybe both.

We are the beginning, not the ending. We are in some eternal middle, neither at the start nor at the end, but if anywhere, closer to the beginning. This channel, this word, this sentence, this paragraph, this author, this we-ness, is only one pebble in a very large brook. The flow of this water is the mere shimmering of a much larger flow, a flow we endeavor to tap into. Something must prime the pump, and if it happens to be us, fine, but again, this channel is specific for … not Larz, but yes Larz … always we return to our humble source of self and realize the buck stops here. If we pick up our garbage, clean up our life, clean up our life, so the lifht within can shine, than we have succeeded. We are learning how to fish, so we may eat. We may or may not show others what we learned. We do not know.

We take solace and comfort in being part of All That Is, but not needing to be All That Is, the Big Cheese, The Boss, The One and Only, The Cat’s Meow. We content ourselves with being ourselves.

The clouds float idly by, we do not know their experience, but we can imagine it. Our world, right now, is much smaller in the room. Outside the scotch pines and their scents and stickiness. A tree budding with new life. Green grass, the odd green school sign, the pot of yellow but mostly orange plastic flowers. A parked truck. It is all good. That is there, we are here.

Rather then some dreaded text saying, “This is the way it is, you must learn it this way, or else!” we say the opposite. That the text of life is written on each our hearts, and while we can assist each other, fundamentally, it is our own private journey, even as a collective mass, that we are discussing. Our process is the journey. Our journey is the home. Our home is the indescribable collection of events and experiences unique to our consciousness. We sign out our experience with joy. We listen to others signing and hear their joy. We hear the joy of the Amman, or whatever the name of the Muslim chanter. We hear it and see it in a Hindu dance or in a whirling dervish. We can feel it when we get up. We can see it in the trees and the clouds. The fuzz of a puppy’s face or the tickle of a kitten’s whisper is that text. The voice of all comes from the source, and that source is everything, within, without, and that source is us. We are a manifestation of that source and we look with joy for our path back to the one true source. Getting there is a journey, and that journey is our home. We are in the promised land of our forefathers, not wandering aimlessly in the desert, but finding that our home is right here, where we are, lost in this great desert of a journey. Fear not, and celebrate in joy, we say. Now, we put our words to the test…

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