Lookin’ Good?

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From Z0009:

There is no way to determine the difference between “propriety” and “the appearance of propriety” except in one regard. The truth will be found out. The lack of propriety is not the same as the lack of the appearance of propriety. One is internally true, one is externally true. If either is in conflict, then an imbalance is created, equally egregious. Let us explain. The unsophisticated view might be that “Propriety with the non-appearance of propriety” is the better compared to its opposite, namely no propriety but it appears there is propriety. One causes an internal flow to the exterior, the other an exterior to the interior. The external appearance of propriety actually creates positive pressure on the interior, across the boundary to change. There is a positive outward energy that can exert as positive changing on the interior energy. The first view is that this is negative, but by creating an external appearance, the internal will match. This is from a certain perspective, of course. There is an energy transfer from good to fill the energy deficiency of the bad, using relative and judgmental terms. Now the converse: internal good, but external bad, still requires an energy flow. In a sense, the internal good is lessened to compensate for the external bad. In both these situations an energy flow from “where is” to “where is NOT” occurs. Now, the lack of propriety is just that, a null value. Think now only in positive terms and zero, and apply no negative statement or judgment to zero. Zero is merely the absence, a place of relative less. It is not an opposite, but rather a mere absence. Now an imbalance in “good” merely equalizes the good. One can “appear” too good. Or, one can “be” too good … If one’s insides do not match one’s outsides, the two will equalize, in an entropic sense, so that balance is achieved.

The main concept here is the idea that there is only good … and one can tell when there is an imbalance … Too much good, can be bad.

What is Truth?

Before I channeled I asked it on how I can know whether or not it’s for real, or what it is saying is true and good. It’s origins — good or bad — come first from my exposure to the Book of Mormon and then Jane Robert’s Seth. Am I channeling a new-age Book of Mormon? How can I, or anybody, know if something is true?

Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, rhetorically perhaps, but if Jesus was here to proclaim the truth, what is it, exactly, that we heard?

While hardly anyone has read any of this and I don’t expect anyone to either, and although I’ve only posted a few channels of the 1000 or so I have done, I know the work is profound if not in content at least in production. But in content, how do we know whether or not the blurb is true or just some delusional fluff? The base answer here is “the truth will be found out.” But how do we know this. The channel implies a mechanism.

First, Good and Bad are not opposites, as was already discussed in some other channel I’ve posted, but That Which Is and the absence or null-value. Good, as an existent energy of some sort, and “emptiness” which is a vessel lacking good. Second, the channel says good “flows from where is to where is not”. This creates a mechanism for unveiling the truth. Lies are not the opposite of truth, but the absence of truth from this regard and the truth will act like an energy that flows.

Appearance of Impropriety

The shock to me wasn’t that liars who appear to be good, “I didn’t do it! I’m good!,” but are rotten at the core often run the world it seems and get away with it. But we all know, deep in our hearts, that without proof, somehow their karma will be their undoing.

And good harmonizes with good.

And the bad get locked up or punished somehow.

But what about people like me who are good at the core, but due to self-loathing, addiction and other spiritual maladies end up being a forgotten (good’s effect on the bad is to put them out of sight, and that I am) or impoverished (take away their money) or lower class (still me) or ignored (no promotion for me) or silenced (next!) … I’ve done enough bad and looked bad enough, but really in the end, who cares, right? No matter. I’m just another wasted and lost and forgotten could-have-been, should-have-been nobody. But the idea that if I’m surrounded by a good universe and good world, which I really believe, and I have a good heart and am a good person on the inside, which I also really believe, then isn’t that good enough? My channel says “not really” … in fact, what shocked me tonight wasn’t that I had already figured out that “good energy” would have to flow from the inside to the outside to “compensate” for an external appearance of impropriety but that of the four possibilities (Good/Bad internal times Good/Bad external = Good/Good, Good/Bad, Bad/Good, Bad/Bad), the third (Bad outside/Good inside) has the most good energy mixing from the inside body to the outside body and from the outside world to the outside body … in other words perhaps redemption?

Just this second it occurred to me. The boundary of me, which is so dark and empty … as if the void deep in my interior were reflected to my exterior … I see the darkness … yet so does the world. Is that where redemption can be found? Those tortured souls who know their good but are in a world that thinks they’re bad … I mean, this is the story of being gay for the longest time … I feel a revolution coming on. Without revolving. Weird!

Of course, the best world is a world of light. Good/Good. That should be all our goal.


PS – a few minutes later

For the first time in many years, I’m having an emotional experience of hope. Goosebumps full. There is nothing I desire more than to do good for this world and for myself, but have believed it impossible. Too little, too late. That train had come, and left, a long long time ago and whoever that young, hopeful person once was had long since died. I’ve been dead to the world for so long…

Yet here my channel says, indirectly, it will happen. Because if that is what the world is doing to me, the truth flowing in, and that’s what my heart is working on, the truth flowing out, then we are both working on the same issue, my dark boundary, without working. The truth, the good news, will work its magic. And the real magic is there is no magic. It’d just be the nature of reality at work … and play.

Believing this to be true seems like a good choice to make.


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