Pro-Love = Pro-Life + Pro-Choice

The Middlin’ Way

Even though I hear the majority are people like me who are tired of the squabbling ends — be they ultra-conservative vs ultra-liberal or any other poles — and even though I know the Bell Curve supports this idea, I feel we’re not only not heard but also are downplayed or downgraded, like we’re simply people who haven’t made up their mind or worse, too apathetic and apolitical to take a real stand. That isn’t true for me and most the people I know.

Take my Mom. She’s wholly opposed to abortion and were the unthinkable to have happened in her life where she became pregnant through the machinations of a loathsome spirit, I still believe she would have carried the baby to term and loved that baby like the loving person she is. I’ve asked her views and while she is wholly opposed to abortion, as said, she also feels the government is in no position to dictate moral behavior and that the woman needs make her best decision with her loved ones and her trusted confidants and professionals.

The either/or approach hasn’t worked so far; indeed the noise is getting louder and worse. But what is the alternative? Channel Z0009 states that there are truths that are greater than other truths. It describes a mechanism, which I can’t say I understand yet, for comparing truths. Basically the “less a truth” the more varying the results are when applied to another situation. The idea is similar to dividing by ever smaller fractions … the closer we get to zero, the more profound the fluctuations in results. But, let’s let the channel speak for itself:

Which is more true?
Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

The case for Pro-Choice

Take the abortion debate. Pro-life or pro-choice? Which is true? Now compare to the statement “pro-love” … is pro-choice pro-love? Yes, it shows a loving respect for the mother carrying a child and her deep agreement to bring a child into the world. There is more to a child’s existence then physical existence. The child also has an emotional, a mental, a volitional, a characterial, but most deeply a spiritual existence. Certainly, respect or more importantly “LOVE” demand that the baby be loved. The mother should bring her embryo through the gestational process with not only physical love (good food, good blood, good placental juice, no smoking, no drugs, fruit ferment level alcohol)… but as importantly, good emotional chemicals. The chemicals of love are physical. A baby that has no emotional love will be denied the physical chemicals of love. It is impossible for an unloving, hateful mother, to create the molecules of love and conversely not create chemicals of hate. The baby, will know it is “unloved” if the mother is not filled with love. There are millions of mothers among us that will tell of the love they felt for their baby. The baby was loved into existence. Imagine forcing a hateful mother to carry to term her hated baby. Sure, the baby will be shot out of her womb with the release of a cannonball from the cannon and the hateful mother will be glad to have the hated baby gone. BUT a baby stewed in the molecules of hate, resentment, fear, pain, prejudice – and there all and there are all such molecules … every emotional state has not one but many molecules expressing subtle difference in the emotional state – and the baby will be brewed in this sparse, but very real environment. It is impossible to bring a baby into the world with a healthy spirit, unless the mother CHOOSES to love, respect, and joyously and harmonically vibrate her baby’s molecules and cellular states into existence itself. If we are pro-love then we are pro-choice. Pro-choice is an equivalent unit of pro-love.

The case for Pro-Life

But now, pro-life. Who could not be pro-life? With so many loving and barren couples out there; a father with love in his heart but lifeless sperm in his loins … his love yearning to be transmitted to a baby? Oh, my, if only we could get him such a baby. His fertile wife, bursting with cellular love, ready to create embryonic joy … cannot meld to her lovin loving husband’s loins? Then sperm from such a loving other man, who has no fertile wife, could be given. Or vice versa, loving sperm could be given to a fertile unloved woman whose ovaries will so happily send an egg down … and this woman in no way ready to bring up a baby completes the first equation of love – those first nine months. What joy? And, in the worst case, if a lonely pregnant woman, with no means to raise her own, but no money, but no will, but no source, but no potential. Yet through her deeply loving choice brings to full term this baby. The baby goes without want. For the first nine months, the joy of a biological mother … For the next nine years, the joy of an emotional mother. Forever and ever, the joy of a spiritual mother. Mother earth who loves us all. Even us “spirits beyond the living”. Who could not want to see the choice, the wonderful joyous choice of life given? Who could not be pro-life? We love life. Pro-love is to be pro-life.

Is Pro-Life  vs  Pro-Choice the only solution? No.

But pro-life and pro-choice seem to cancel each other out. The two come to vastly opposite conclusions. One says to choose, is to support the mother. The other says, to choose is to kill the baby. One says to be pro-life is to support the baby. The other says to be anti-pro-choice (pro-life) is to deny the mother. A pro-lifer may say yes when a pro-choicer may say no. But a pro-love will say yes or no, or yes and no, or yes and yes, or no and no … The pro-love will have a greater truth. While being equivalent to both, it is greater than either. Pro-love is a “truth” of two, whereas pro-life and pro-choice have only values of one. That is why pro-love minus pro-choice, equals pro-life and pro-love minus pro- … pro-love – pro-either = pro either. Pro-love = 2*pro-either.

Pro-Love encompasses both

Unlike more poetic people, more persuasive debaters or more eloquent writers, I am limited to my own words. Yet, within them I realize is a message worth hearing: there is a way out of this morass of polemics engulfing us as individuals, as a nation and as a world. Channel Z states we can find a greater truth that encompasses the lessor truths that make up the poles.

The middlin’ majority may not have the angry rhetoric or impassioned pleas of either pole, but that does not mean it is an inferior view. If anything, even if unexpressed, I feel the middle path is the right one to be on. No, Dorothy, there is more than just one fork in the Yellow Brick Road of Real Life.

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