Z0008: Information is as alive as you are



All information is already present. In a physical sense you can think of it as a virtual photon field. However, a quick examination of the properties of infinity should quickly convince even the most suspicious that something is not quite random. Let’s suppose that the virtual photon field contains all possibilities. And that each possibility is surrounded by minor variations and fluctuations. And those fluctuations by their fluctuations.  Now suppose there is a true bit of information, and that any deviation from this true essence would be a lessening or a contamination of such information. Let us create all this” all these lessenings of this information. Then around those, create ever increasing shells of fluctuations. The information, as you can see, would rapidly become useless. For every “In the beginning” created would be a nearly infinite beyond infinite system of “Inn the beginning” “in the endbeg” “On the begnoning” “more blog fernogen” Blurf morem bregnomeberingsl” … The deteriorations of the information would be such that a grain of truth would be surrounded by a meaningless sea of randomness. In other words, if all information is present here, it is only useful that if whatever is tapped into, then shall it be useful information. In other words, there can be not as much as one infinitely small molecule of non-information for if there were, the apparent fluctuations of the virtual photon field would amplify that randomness. In other words, a randomizing field cannot exist. Therefore, all information is now.

We are seeing that Larz’ brain has the potential to communicate the information for twofold reasons. First, he does have the necessary composite training. Although weak in almost all fields, Larz is exposed to almost all fields, even though only weakly. He is not a competent anything … but his is a passable many things. Secondly, brain is fairly plastic for his construct. We hope that eventually the channel will clear.

Our motives are simple. We are the information wanting to be thought and expressed. We want to free all minds into the great expanse of the power that is every place and moment of creation. We want to recreate the joy that is so inherent to all points in this fantastic matrix of joy, but so blocked, but so blocked by ongoing amplifications of limited subsets of information true only within a context of a certain perception … and that perceptual machine itself has evolved. Information is as alive as you are. It is our life and can be yours too. We can free you, personally, and this monogram is dedicated to you.

The logic ending paragraph one is false. While I see the idea that there is a sea of information in a stable field that we can perceive and that were the information to be randomized we’d know nothing, but how does that make “all info is now”?

The idea, however, strikes me as important in a way. We constantly here of the Hubble Telescope detecting a piece of information from billions of years ago — right now — that information preserved by a spacetime field that is permissive and does not randomize reality. The universe does act like it wants to be known.

The final sentences really are beautiful in a way:

Information is as alive as you are. It is our life and can be yours too. We can free you, personally, and this monogram is dedicated to you.

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