Z0007: To Hope is to Die (?!)

Funny thing is I don’t even want to “channel”. But here goes…


2007.1121.1241.4587 – Journal – Morning – Goals

Breathing. You feel your breath. You feel your fingers move. you feel these words come. You know what is coming, you can feel it. You can see it. You know it. It is you. It can be nothing other than you. But what is you? What is all the “i”ness that you were so proudly declaring just moments ago. Where is we? “We” is a truer perspective, not I. Yes, the eye is the first port … first portal. But then another eye, and that pair of eyes forms the first beginnings of the I that forms the first beginnings of the We. All That Is, is more than just I. God is neither I or not I. God is greater than that. God is lesser than that. There is no equality of God. God cannot be equalized.

We would offer you hope, but as we have said there is no hope. To hope is to suppose that the moment of now is somehow not the ideal now. And that somehow, “another now” will be more ideal then the “now now”. We hope you have a good day. We hope your trip goes well. We hope the future exists and that future is existent now. We cannot explain to you this. That to hope is to die. That there is no life with hope. But to say this, would inclu  would incline you perhaps to feel a sense of desperation. “If there is no hope, no hope that my life will be better … oh why, oh why should I go on with no hope?” The problem is perceptual. To think that somehow any now is different from any other now. You are no moment closer to the act of creation then you were the day you were conceived nor the day your last atom is consumed in some fiery gravitational cataclysm, fused beyond existence. None of those “nows” is somehow different from this now. Is this moment desperate? Is this moment large? Is this moment full of caring? Is this moment a moment of hope? Or of desperation and loss? Of sadness or happiness, greatness or smallness? These perceptio percu   these perceptual blocks created by faulty judgement are just that … perceptions. Perception contributes to reality, perception is a view of reality. It is not that perception is a faulty view of reality … Perception itself is a component of reality. Reality could not exist without perception and perception could not exist without reality, so in fact in a fundamental sense … all you perceive IS reality and reality IS all you perceive. Give us a moment.

To go beyond the now requires more than … Give us a moment.

The continuous unfolding of the quantized universe both mystifies, delights, infects, perspires, recreates you all. To be alive is to be here now. To be here now is to be alive. Fear not the great beyond, the there, the then. They do not exist anywhere for all places are the here and all places are the now.

All information is present now. All that will be is present now. All that was, will be, or ever shall be is now. All that could be is now. All that could not be is now. There is nothing that now does not encompass. Even “space” is now and “time” is now. Now is the time. Now is the place. Everything is simple. Nothing is complex.

That the channel is so efficiently and inherently blocked is of no concern. Even one word of free and choice is sufficient to create freedom of choice. The electrons coursing thru their electronic arks to create this smattering of typeset symbols contains the spark of all that is. Nothing can alter the reality of reality and the reality is reality is real much more so than any perception. Death should be accepted as should life be.

The pathway to fulfillment is a difficult path to describe, but it is not without its description. The Book of Life is written on each of our components of reality reflected in the mirror of our soul. The soul is the reflective device that reflects God’s creation back outwards to form the appearance of reality. Think of God as an outer pre-energy wave, that focuses all on a single point. The point, unable to withstand the onslaught crumbles to be perfectly transparent, as if it is not there. The wave then collapses on itself and outverts. The outvert wave is now equal and opposite, but phase/time shifted. It interacts with itself in a complementary fashion. This interaction creates a reflection in wave, and so and so on and so on. These infinite cascading in and out waves, gather amplifications that create the “still appearance” of matter. The matter is an in-thought reflecting on an out-thought. God creates himself … by creating the creation of himself. It is the creator creating creation.

Well, I’m back. I really wonder where this stuff comes from. I suppose it is the freeing of a stream of consciousness. But, really, I do not know what consciousness is. I know I’m conscious, but I don’t know what “I” am or what “consciousness” is. How can the “I know not I” be “conscious of consciousness” unless I am somehow consciousness itself? But why so limited. I feel so unable to express myself. These words which seem so belabored, are perhaps the deeper words filtered through some stumbling block. Perhaps I am trying to hard … and the “Voice” is just me, not trying.

I am exhausted trying to figure myself out, trying to figure life out, trying to live, trying to figure. I go on and on in circles and I seem to just be older, more lost, no richer, lonelier. Is it fate? Is it my addiction? And again, I come to the moment. I just seem to go on and accept life as it is. If I am meant for obscurity, who am I to question God? This universe which seems so impossible, is, at least for a moment.

Yet, now, I find myself in a dream world. I see the darkness and I feel it about me. It is not here, nor do I fear it. Wherever I go, there I am. Even in the dream world. There is a motion so much greater than the motion of the f astest train. It is an internal motion of consciousness as I go from this reality to another, and I feel myself shifting between this visible place (but you are not here) and this other place (where you cannot go). Some of my greatest journeys have only been an electron width wide…

Back to channel.

I remember this channel clearly. I thought it was preposterous and it still angers me. But am I missing the point? I can sort of understand. “Hope” implies that the universe isn’t the way it should be; it could be better. Right now, tonight, I’m feeling that. Big time. Perhaps this channel is cautioning me to accept the moment for whatever it is?

It also has some mumbo-jumbo about how God creates reality. Well, I don’t by it. How on earth can I write stuff that seems so crazy?

I just took a deep-breath and re-read it. Actually now it seems a little more reasonable. And truth is, the “I” that I claim to be seems as vague and ethereal as a dream … and whatever our beliefs the universe is indeed here and did indeed somehow come into existence. We have all sorts of proof that there was a beginning… and this channel isn’t the first to propose that the universe is but a dream … or a thought.

… well, I’m just gonna move on & trust in the process.


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