Blogcast – Channel Z0006

Dreams occur at a level of description nearly impossible to describe to all of you so intoxicated by the waking life. There is nothing wrong with being intoxicated any more than there is anything wrong with drinking. It may be appropriate, because everyone else is doing it. Nevertheless, you may wreck your car and your life, or you may stumble down a brick staircase thereby doing the same, or while dancing on a table, be unawares of your inappropriateness, ruining your reputation at a minimum. Actions taken while intoxicated are no less than actions taken while not. Therefore, those who have chosen to remain sober, when others have not, may find themselves in an awareness of the lack of their awareness. It can be an isolating experience. One neither belongs nor does not belong. It is a place of “just is” and can be lonely.

But the rewards of the sober life are sobriety and with little extra effort, serenity. Much is revealed to those who choose to remain centered within themselves for they can observe. We would say that watching your world through your dream eyes is no different. Touching and sobering. Even you found the dream images shocking at times, quietingly so. It is a humbling experience to see those that are loved, dying in a place of no return; our physical shell separating and disintegrating back into its own primordial matrix, with only the core of the human being standing. You do not realize yet the purity or the purification potential of such situations. It is the “why” for the will to live: the human within steadfastly refuses to believe in his own demise. It can, yes indeed, be a stubborn defense of the ego. But it can also be the wisdom of the wise, who realize the vanity of all things physical.

Remember, an electron doesn’t really care about the universe as a whole any more than you do, because it doesn’t see the world from your point of view, even though it is part of you and recognizes its role in something larger. It goes on doing its electron life not greatly affected by the so-called life or death of the host organism for which it finds itself. These gestalt collections of matter which you call life are mere reflections of its own deeper, smaller, inner lives that it is participating in. It belongs to a society of a greatly different magnitude. Its importance is its own. From its point of view, your human lives come and go like the leaves on a tree to which it does not identify. Even were it to “see” you it would not, because it could not care. This is not a personal judgment call any more than you looking at a tree in the autumn saying “oh, how sad”. No, more likely you’d be fascinated, but nevertheless you see those falling leaves as “not you”. By the time the body is falling apart, the electrons already have their energy focused elsewhere, back into a much larger picture, as if the leaves themselves yearn to be part of a larger organic world.

The human experience, therefore, cannot be correctly attributed to the motions and lives of electrons alone, and this presents difficulties to our communication, as it seems that only via certainly properly prepared, organized and energized electrons – those electrons in a given individual’s nervous system, are the reason for that very being’s very nervous system. You yourself have thought that “consciousness is the state of the subtle electrical field generated by the human organism”. In your mind, duplicate the field and duplicate the consciousness. Although you have a physical reason for believing this, this is not the source of consciousness. Consciousness attracts electricity in this manner, because of the very vibrancy of the electric/magnetic field itself. The field contains all possibilities. Think of it as a virtual, virtual photon field, ready to be organized into any possible physical visual image. Now we “see” this, now we “see” that. All images are possible with an electric field. Consciousness attracts this, because of its own limitless possibilities. But consciousness is not limited to just the state of the virtual photon field which would represent the “physical image to be formed by the existent matter to which one being becomes conscious of” but rather to all forms inherent in all matter and even more than that.

Consciousness is much deeper than the physical constants of this universe, although you still require physical constants to operate, just as the human body requires a physical constant temperature, or humidity, or barometric field. Without this constant physical support of physically constant properties, life, as you know it, would cease to exist.

We recognize deeper constraints in our inherent communication method than you can possibly even suppose. This is not to disparage you, nor to denigrate you to the level of children, but rather to acknowledge a reality.

But, ask yourselves, exactly where do these words come from that Larz writes? Are thoughts somehow independent of matter? Can one think without a brain? The dream world, such as Larz’s recent dreams, offer tantalizing clues. We look forward to traveling with you and with Larz on this journey he and you have begun. You see, Larz is not alone. Not only are we here, but also are you even “before” you might be reading this. Hard to explain, but all realities exist now. You are already reading this book. That is why you are reading it “now”. Welcome to the now.




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