{I feel silly sometimes doing this. First, the voice? Rather pretentious. But my internal voice is always cutting me down. “You’re a failure, Larz. Nothing to offer. You would have made it by now.” I really am sick of that voice and at least this one is something different. I am going to try to open it up now in the day time. Wish me luck!}

The frustration you feel is artificial, created by your own mind. The mind has a wonderful ability to channel. But not just something like ourselves, which you call The Voice, but can channel any other physical entity in the universe, as well as many nonphysical entities both within the universe and without.

Now, we were trying to discuss the nature of choice, which will be a frequent topic for us. Choice runs at the very core of All That Is. All That Is chose to create the universe, from a certain point of view. That is to say, the universe is not “required” or a must in any sense. Around you lay this vast and magnificent universe, of which you feel a frustrated part. There isn’t enough time, space, money, energy, youth, vitality or any other thing which could help you achieve your goals. Life is a mad rush from one trivial exercise to the next. The “must do’s” and “should do’s” being done, but the “wanna do’s” never fully materializing. Bitterness and disappointment seem to be the common & resultant lot. This is not the case, but you make it so. As we are better able to communicate with you, we hope to show you that All That Is desires all that is to make their choices in a glorious and joyful way. There is nowhere to go to. There is no money needed, no time required, no space to fill, no rearrangement of matter and energy required. There is a much deeper choice that needs to be made that comes before even space and time. Consciousness is far more fundamental than you or your scientists or philosophers realizes. For consciousness is a fundamental core of the universe itself. One can be conscious without being “one”… one can be aware with nothing to be aware of. Objectivist philosophy, as appealing as it is to you, is wrong. Attacking it will not serve to free you. To free you to make the joyous choices, which are waiting to be chosen. Allow us to free you, and in turn you may free others to make their choices. Start with now.

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