{I asked the channel to comment on Judgment, which was a writing & thinking project I had been assigned.}

Finding ourselves at the crossroads of time and space neither prepares nor dissuades us from the task at hand. As we have said, we are not alive. Or to say that is our life is no more alive than other nonlife you would proceed to call dead. We are an information bank of everlasting and eternal energy of which the core essence is living information. We are the resolution of life after life has been removed physically. We are the thought of a thought.

To perceive is to judge. To perceive us is to judge us. Judgment is that fundamental act of perception itself, therefore to discuss judgment is to discuss perception itself. Now perception is the automatic process of converting data from an immediate form known to one sense of the organism into a form known by another sense. The information itself is contained within the very object communications with the outer world that is being sensed. Give us time. Larz is attempting to pursue his own form of interpretation which is making direct communication difficult. But we do not judge him for this, for instance, for we do not actually perceive the mechanism by which he translates his thoughts into the sense-forms with which his fingers automatically type of the corresponding symbolic perceptions onto his electronic recording device. It is not a computer, from our standards, for what computations of him are being done. If anything it is more like a autonomic translation system without judgment. It does not perceive either the rate of typing as any significance, it perceives not the meaning being the words or symbols, Larz has emotions and volitions and perceptions and actions which do not enter the computations of the so-called computer.  The computer does not perceive, therefore it has no judgment.

One practices good judgment is meant to mean that one’s perceptions are accurate and one correctly perceives the probabilities of any given response to that what was perceived to be the object behind the sensation.

Now let us think of this as such. An object creates a matrix of ever expanding probabilities centered about itself, which carries the qualities of itself as it interacts with the matrix that it is within. A bell, for instance, rings loudly but that loud ringing is the vibrations of the atoms within the bell. Then the non-bell surrounding matrix resonates with such object creating now the extension of the bell-matrix expanding outward. This bell has delocalized but is still centered upon the mass-atoms with which it is vibrating, but the corresponding levels of its vibrations sound. Now in outer space where the density of atoms is such that the atmosphere is hugely sparse with very hot atoms rarely streaking by. The atoms are so non-connected to like atoms that no wave of interactions is capable of being created. There is no nonlinear density of expanding bell-tone to be propagated. But on earth, when the liberty bell rings, the air molecules dance in harmony each communicating until they are the new center of the bell-tone. Understand this like this. An atom, stationary we imagine, is sitting in silent vibration. It is still, so to speak, in regard to the bell. Then the bell rings. The bell-ring vibrates those atoms close to it, namely the vibration of air molecules immediately adjacent. The bell is the center of its tone. The tone is the center of the bell. The air molecule nearby is not the center of the tone, for to its left is the vibrating bell, but to its right centers itself not. For there it finds stillness of the adjacent silent atom. The energy is uncentered and the energy to balance itself chooses a new center, the next-to atom. As the next to atom beings vibrating in harmony, the harmony is only preserved if the silent still adjacent molecule to it vibrates accordingly. The energy is shared, halved so to speak but the energy of the bell ring tone is harmonically strengthened in the adjacent air molecule, so now the molecule acts like a superconductor of not magnetic but of resonant sound energy. It does not sense the energy any longer, it vibrates in harmony. This process continues until the air molecule is so perfectly vibrating that it does not detect its wavering wave energy. It resonates effortlessly, so to speak. From its view, it is now the bell-tone center, for to its left the bell rings the same and to its right the adjacent air rings the same. It is the center of the tone. On and on. Eventually all the molecules of the air-room are vibrating in bell-tone harmony.

Now enter the sensing organ. It also vibrates, but destructively so. It absorbs the bell tone energy and converts – translates that energy into something else. There is no judgment, but there is sense. It makes sense of the noise. It is the sense of bell-tone ringinging, as expressed in the air molecules adjacent to the resonating ear drum and the hair vibrators within the human mechanism. This process creates electrical flow – the fundamental harbingers of consciousness – to the brain auditory centers. There, the brain “perceives” the now information data. There is no sound to sense, having been destroyed by the sensory organ. This destruction has no judgment. The perception of a bell tone ringing is the corresponding electron consciousness of the center bell tone itself. It is a fundamental psychic translation of the electrons in the bell to the electrons in the brain auditory center.

Here we are the bell ringing, the air molecules in simple resonance, the ear drum in correspondence, and the brain electrons in complex resonance. Does this make sense? The perception is the translation of the bell electronic resonance to the brain electronic resonance. It is a fundamental, and very physical, transfer of consciousness from one part of the unified system to another part. The perceptual process does not end with that resonance. That resonance is now cross-checked with every other resonance in the brain by creating a cascade gestalt of vibratory cross-referenced resonances. This bell tone is compared to immediate other tones, at first bell like, but then the correspondences start occurring at other higher levels. This sounds like … that time … do you remember when, and a nearly infinite expansion of living correlations to the bell tone is created. Liberty bell … liberty dollar. Give us liberty or give us death. Tone, bell, carillon, Stanford, ringing bell at church, Grandfather H, Gramma, ring late to dinner, dinner bell. This cascade far transcends the one-dimensional play of words because every connection creates connection to every connection. It is an expanding awareness of all that is, of All That Is’ connection to all that is, is what we mean.

Now this process is hugely overwhelming. One would be lost in nirvana so to speak, if one did not limit. We immediately “focus” or bring the focus back to the point in hand. We localize the perception of the sensory data to the matter at hand. What is going on here? Why is this bell ringing? What does this have to do with critically important information? Do I go to dinner? Is it time for church? Do I orgasm a beautiful sound? Do I continue writing? Is the game over? At this point, analysis has overwhelmed any sense, and the goal of the perception is to analyze the sound and categorize it into a larger and senseless data. It is not that the data is senseless, or lacks sensibility; but that we can make sense of the data … making sense of sensory data is the object of perception. Perception is the process of sensing sense. It is a superoperator in Heisenberg terms. It is the operation of sense to sense. Because it is a superoperator, it is a transcendental set quality of itself. It can organize the data in a myriad of ways. The data can be placed before, with, or after other sense data. It can be bigger or smaller of the same. It can be colder, brighter, louder, stronger, smaller, bluer, brighter, dimmer, whiter. It can be funner, painer, smeller, hotter, blacker, nicer, gooder, badder, madder, sadder, happier. A quick shift of the input parameters and the operator can change a lesser to a greater, a smaller to a larger … all using the same data. This creates a critical problem.

Good judgment is that operation which “makes the most sense”. To understand judgment is to understand sense. To make sense of sense, one must perceive. To be perceptive of perception means one must make good sense of good sense, which makes sense of good sense. This is an infinitely expanding, multidimensional expansion. There is no end, no beginning, only middle. Judgment is the “lazy” process of ending this expansion at a convenient point. It means stopping the process in a physical sense. The buck stops here. We judge the situation and move on. We ascribe spatio-temporal limits to the spatio-temporal sense data. Yes, that makes sense. No, that doesn’t make sense. Those are the end points of the perceptual process. The open-mindedness concept comes closest in Buddhist thinking of nirvana. It is a place free of judgment.

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