Fruity Nutty Flakes

Preface to Channel Z0135

{singing: Aint Gonna Study War No More}

Hey Everybody,

I was going to write Cousin M when I got home … and there was an email from her about synchronicities. Ha!

First, I wanted to change the icon on the website from a generic WordPress to a dogpeople … Friend Jim, the architect, invented those in sixth grade and it’s been my signature logo ever since. Funny thing is I remember him illustrating a story with those about how one day we were going to live in San Francisco together. I told Grandma Harline of the big plans. “Oh, honey, you don’t want to live there. That’s the land of Fruits and Nuts!” And I remember thinking, “What if you’re both?”

Screenshot - sirmonpapa favicon - 2018.0919.0556z0135
Dog-People, courtesy Friend Jim

At Trader Joe’s the other day, I said to the clerk who shares the same first name as me, “Hey, thanks for naming a breakfast cereal after me!” He looked at me quizzically and I continued, “Yep. Fruity Nutty Flakes.” He stared at me for a few seconds, then with a smile said, “I dunno. You don’t look flaky to me…” LOL

Cousin M, an accomplished musician, gets me thinking of the power of music. “Aint gonna study war no more!” is still playing in my head right now and has been ever since I dropped a letter off at the postoffice for Mom for about 1½ hours now. While I was using the mail kiosk a woman walked by humming that, that triggered my music brain that plays music in my head and, by coincidence, that was one of our songs last Sunday at church.

I like church for the music and the message – as long as too much icky Bible doesn’t get tossed in. This coming Sunday, I wasn’t going to go by plan ahead of time, but our “community reachout church” – Christ Temple or something like that – is coming to our service as a invited congregation (we went to theirs six months ago) and I feel a need to support that. They are a small, very old-school, mostly black “Praise Jesus” type of church that has a Hammond organ playing the whole time in the background, “Praise Jesus”, and a very conservative, “AMEN!”, take on things, yet have at their core a beautifulness that I can see past the veneer, “YES, BROTHER! UH-HUH!” … and they’ve asked me to be a spokesperson for an NAACP TV campaign here in Colorado … Amen!! Hallelujia!

At 4, I wanted to be a fiery-sermon-delivering preacher in a new church that my beloved Lori and I were going to start – a mishmash of hers and mine – and they, all four parents, mishmashed that idea as fast as they could.

At 8, I wanted to be a musician, both for church and community, but I still can hear Dad saying, “No! Music is not important. You need to be able to support your family as a musician. I always wanted to be a scientist, but had to support myself (and his parents, believe it or not) through college, so chose engineering. I’d like you to be a scientist.” I really hope I’m misquoting him, because Dad loved music. His Mom was an old-time silent movie pianist, a talent I might add, that I’ve inherited.

At 12, Mom wanted me to be a Doctor, Dad still wanted me to be a scientist, so eventually I made Medical Research the chosen career. And while in graduate school in Medical Biophysics at UCBerkeley (although technically, at that time, I was doing my PhD research at UCSF in x-ray crystallography), I did start doing a lot of research on medicinals! Phew, that turned out a little differently than planned.

At 13, I asked the Parents for permission to sleep with Co-preacher Lori. “No!,” their resounding reply. And so, whenever Mom laments her lack of grandkids, I remind her of that, and with a laugh, remind them that their lack of grandchildren, and my homosexuality, is their fault, not mine. LOL

I have one more blog posting to do, Channel Z0135, then focus on finding a new job.

(s) Papa

PS, btw Cousin M, above is the answer to my emailed query …

PPS. And to answer the question about the weather, until now it has been unseasonably hot here, on the order of 91˚. I told Mentor Steven the other night that I thought it was because of the fires. The soot holds heat, secondly, it would explain the damaging hail storms this year via soot-based nucleation along with higher upper atmosphere water vapor content. Did I tell you the awful story of all the destroyed cars & dead animals at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo from the hail-storm earlier this summer? To make money, the zoo had to have a battered fish fry. Strangely, many people said the fish tasted like meerkat or vulture. Terrible!


Speaking of synchronicities and fire, I volunteered to post a thank you for Mom for the lovely flowers from you and the siblings on Facebook, and there was a post from Friend Jim – their family cabin is only a mile from the Roosevelt Fire up near Jackson’s Hole, Wyoming, and his sister just saved what she could and evacuated. That reminded me that I wanted to see the near-transit of the moon in front of Mars last night. I thought, “Guess I lied. A month ago I said it would be the last, or end, of the Mars/Moon dance, even knowing it would happen again.” But, in a way I didn’t lie. The cloud cover blocked our view … maybe the Summer Rein of Marz is over!

You’re right, I misread and misremembered the journal entry of Grampa. I was trying to read “car” but couldn’t. In fact, I recall stumbling while reading because my mind was jumbling. That happens when my belief of what I’m seeing (car) is not the same as what I’m seeing (m.c.). As a kid we’d play a license plate game while on long trips. I would make out the letters on a distant license plate, like 123XYZ, but as we’d get closer, I couldn’t hold the vision. The 123XYZ letters would start blurring and vibrating. I’d be unable to maintain my stare. Suddenly, they’d pop and be replaced by 123ABC. Yes, “m.c.” is motorcycle.

Now, I remember Grandma M telling a story how Grampa took her on a ride up Pike’s Peak on his Harley before there was a paved road … this would probably be summer of 1930. They spent the night, she freezingly angry (at 14,000ft, what a surprise) and he proposed marriage at sunrise. Wow, Grandma was a biker bitch back in the day! And, I just remembered my first date with Boyfriend Tommy. I took him on a harrowing ride up Gold Camp Road up Pike’s Peak in the Jeep (I miss that 4×4) and later he told me how scary that was. LOL, like Grandpa, like Grandson!

And no, I don’t know how he wrote so small. I got many postcards from him that were micropenscopic, like this one from 1991.0904, when he was in his mid 80s:

Postcard from Grandpa M
3×5″ postcard from Grandpa M with his Micropenscopic Text

Getting our imagination spinning is no small matter. The most profound lucid dreams – the ones where I am gone for 9 months at a time – my mind starts spinning relative to my physical body at the start of lucid dreaming by a nauseatingly fast spinning rate of about 1000hz for about one minute. FTR, the sensation is of the feet spinning up over head, in other words the axis is through the hip sockets. And “imaginary numbers” are the numbers that spin.

He’s right if ““all of us” HAD nothing to do w/ the creative act of God almighty.” But he is thinking past tense and his conclusion is valid only if “everlasting” does not mean everlasting. From my point of view everlasting includes “now” therefore, if we are creating, God is creating by default. (Object-oriented programming idea where children inherit the parent’s properties). I believe in a type of continuous creation. I came up with the idea as a solution to one of Zeno’s paradoxes, but, I’ll have to work on that later. Another way to put it is, there IS something new under the sun.

And a second PS, more a for-the-record note-to-self and mnemonic:

Tonight, two weeks I had another synchronicity concerning Milton & Paradise Lost (Thank you, Coworker Virginia and Blogger Tanya). And two weeks before Dad died, up in His & Mom’s house, my first synchronicity concerning the same, which led directly to this blog. Tanya’s blog got me thinking and I remembered yet another concept in Channel Z and can it be coincidence that the first entry I found matches hers (Milton’s) in some way? From Z0265:

The answer is that the world’s problems outside us are actually problems within us. The formation of heaven and hell start within, only after some reflection do the interior constructs find themselves in the supposed outside world, where they wreak pleasure or havoc respectively.

Regardless of the few we touch, it is time to spread the word.

If I’m gonna get Z0135 done tonight, I’d better get crackin.

Bye, and love you all


PS#3. I just printed it out. I’m going to read/record it, so all of us can potentially do this together. Are we ready? I’ll click 3    2    1 now. Here we go:

{record audio: Z0135}

PS#4. The connections continue, per Z0135:

  • Eating issues that were apparently there 10 years ago, when I was clean, are back again, now that I’m clean.
  • The idea of insides/outsides in relation. The “impingement” of the outside world … wasn’t that recently in a blog?
  • The idea of The New Elders, “Occasionally we are called back to earth to negotiate. The tribes want to talk.”
  • The hint of the idea that there only IS.
    • Disrespect is not the opposite of respect but the absence of it.
  • The Toddler taking a beautiful vase & smashing it … was ironically an answer to the part of Grandpa M’s postcard I deleted… because I wasn’t ready to search for the “Hitler will be Hitler!” channel, but here is the idea already.
    • During my recording/reading of the channel, I thought “why was I afraid to reveal my name?” as written on the postcard and here it was in the channel …
    • Bullying
  • The 12steps are a beginning, psychology a preamble, neuropsychopharmacology a toddler’s play
  • Transcending transcendence
    • My new Glossary, assuming I was honest best I could, entry of All That Is would imply then that All That Isn’t then is not merely the absence of All That Is, in contrast to my own channel’s thinking. So, my Glossary entry is by default wrong, or if there’s transcendence beyond transcendence, which is precisely this concept implies that God must contain the opposite of The Universe (or All That Is) and so perhaps that is what they keep “outside the universe” … namely, its opposite. And the only way to prevent our universe’s eventually demise would be to transcend themselves. In that crazy vision/sound I had, I saw “God” needing to partner with three other nearby gods… which reminds me of the original background graphic for this blog:

{insert 4point geometry}

Artboard 2

Well, I’m looking forward to what may come, as crazy as this Fruity Nutty Not-So-Flaky dude may be or sound…



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